The Day I Learned to Cook Oatmeal: A Journey of Faith, Love, & Redemption

Hello All! I figured I would run into this but I tried anyway, I updated my book with new, groundbreaking, information, and it was rejected. There’s GOOD NEWS! I have uploaded the document to Google drive, and you can purchase it by clicking below, as soon as I see your payment come through, I will send you the link to the document. It is 212 pages of goodness. Once I reword it a bit and resubmit it, I can send you a hard copy if you’d like, or allow you to download it to Kindle for free. This is the 2nd edition of “The Day I learned to Cook Oatmeal: A Journey of Faith, Love, & Redemption”. You’ll find out why I title it this once you read (wink). It is a of bit my life story, how I decolonized my mind to get to new information, which led me to the Igbo story. I go through a deep analysis of observations I have made in the Global Black Diaspora, how to demolish those ways of thinking, and suggestions on how to move forward. I provide analysis and strong evidence on the Igbo story and how it connects us globally as a Diaspora. I believe that this book will help liberate some minds, and give practical ways to start living in your truth. I had great reviews the first time, and I pray that it reaches all of you who it is supposed to reach.