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Let Me Write A Poem #WordyWednesdays

Let me write a poem
It’s almost time for bed
It’s almost time to settle down
Before I rest my head

I think it’s quite interesting
That as I fall asleep
I have kin all over the world
Who’re fighting for their peace

Who’re fighting for their freedom
Our freedom, Black freedom
Who’re looking to those who help oppress
When we don’t really need em’....

I see...

I wake up & go to sleep thinking all things blackness
I wake & go to sleep & try to make things happen
I wake up & go to sleep & hope my kin are sleeping like me
With all the imbalance in the world that’s highly unlikely

If I can be a source of hope I’d love to say
That your joy is your strength & it goes a long way
Get a peaceful good nights rest for then you’ll see
The battles ahead will be fought with ease & your rest is key.

Don’t burn out on the little fights the battle is ahead
& when you get home get cuddled up & rest your head
I have a little message for you & I hope you see


I love you my Africana people, sleep tight, & be happy 💛💜
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#WordyWednesdays – NEW BOOK of Poems available!

Hello All! Well, my NEW BOOK of poems is available to purchase! I updated it with all the poems you all like the most, and you can see the evolution of my mind over a decade. Thank you so much to all of you who expressed interest in my poems, now you can enjoy them all in one! Please support, and let me know which one is your favorite, you can support, here!

Thank you so much!

~Ndidi Love~

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New Poetry! Comm-unity #WordyWednesdays

family having dinner and celebrating
What is community? Community provides unity and immunity; immunity from outside forces, and of course it makes us feel better when conditions worsen. 

Community is built on peace, commonalities, principalities and styles that are unique. No 2 communities look the same, there's always a common solution if anyone is to complain. 

Only disruption comes from the outside. Any support you need is just a short ride. Foundations are strong and built to take a blow, no one has to be worried because the neighbors already know!

Just like the blood rushes to the wound, community rushes to the one that suffering from a wound. Community helps speed up the healing time, community helps recovery feel divine. 


As I stretch my hand out to lift you up, strength is our connection, & full is our cup

I pour into you what I already know
As you pour into me I can feel our bond grow

As you tell your story it helps us to rise, small details connect us, a pleasant surprise.

Tell your story authentically & loud tell it proud
Authentic voices create a new generational sound

Speak it until we find our new language, confuse the enemy with our unified love sandwich.

Teach them that divide & conquer won’t work. Teach them that all they can do is lurk.

We have a plan now & we're leaving you out, you can't speak our language, we don't respect clout.

Our new language rebuilds the strength of a nation, we own our stories, we shape liberation.

Comm-unity strong. Stay tuned.
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New Poetry! Visionary: #WordyWednesdays

I am a woman of vision, it was created for me. I feel things before they happen, I see things others may not see.

I am a woman of purpose, outcomes divine; what I put in comes from the vision, perfectly designed.

I can see a beautiful nation, from cocoa to cinnamon; liberation within generations, and generations to come.

I see a beautiful African child playing on roads painted gold, as she puts it in her hand, it’s hers to behold.

She’s running to her mother, she runs to greet her brother, she runs to greet her father, and she does it without a bother.

The ways of evil have been defeated, she has everything she ever needed, and everything she ever lost was given back without a cost.

She opens her arms wide, breaths air in with nose wide, there’s room to roam around and peace is her sound.

She lifts up her spirits, she is free, she can feel it, she looks up and thanks the ones who came before her with the sun.

She bows her head in awe, the woman who foresaw, is crying through her, thanking God, that now we rule the law.

Give thanks.

~Ndidi Love~

Check out my actual song, Visionary, written and produced by myself!