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2021 Top 4! #ForwardFridays 4ward

Hello all! Thank you for making these 4 blog posts my top 4! I love all the love y’all show me on ALL my blogs, but I wanted to highlight these 4. I think it speaks to the need for our people to move forward with actionable solutions. Remember, I’m micro to macro. I also understand it to be a sign that my audience is simply warriors, like me! Whether silent, loud, observant, or active, my audience is here to make change – so let’s make it! Check out the links for each blog post y’all loved the most, see you in 2022! Happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate, enjoy your time and be safe.

TOP POST: Igbo in the Caribbean #TeachMeTuesdays –

TOP POST #2: Aba Women’s Riot #TeachMeTuesdays –

TOP POST #3: It’s My Hair, Period #TeachMeTuesdays –

TOP POST #4: How Has Your Culture Shaped You? Interview Ft. Jerrell Sweetgrass #ForwardFridays –

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New #Poem: “400” Part 2 – #MusicMondays

Check out this video of my latest poem, “400” part 2, then check out the song, “400” part 1, written and produced by me! (the words to this poem are at the bottom of this page)

History Lesson: 400© on SoundCloud written and produced by Ndidi Love –

If you know me then you know what I’m on
Igbo kwenu
Ada Awka
I’m a daughter of the sun
Free Biafra free Nnamdi the entire nation
If it’s Africans for Africa that’s pan-Africa
& We going back to Africa that’s my decision
Call the army call up Garvey
We united as 1
& we marching like an army
We ain’t doing this for fun
Take a step back & regret that
Double down or be done
If you not for me you against me stay on code & B1
Or you want a rerun
Of this 400 & 1
Claim your status as a Hebrew
& just learn your lesson
Or This 11 day journey
Turn to 40 & 1
This a really simple journey
What’s the argument for
Y’all look just like each other
What’s the diaspora war
Y’all use the same comb & grease
That’s enough to have peace
That’s enough to keep quiet with your freedom of speech cuz it ain’t freedom if you not lifting your sister in peace
If you tearing her down, then you doing the least
Na you doing the most
Social media posts
But on the corner when they step to you, you be going ghost.
Look…. i’m just hear to tell you like it is
Think of things to bring legacy to your kids
Do the thing that we all remember you for
Don’t be the one that leads to us to 400 more.

Ndidi Love ©2021

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You Can’t Insult My Blackness…

If you’re calling me ghetto to imply that I’m acting black, fine. If you’re calling me ratchet to imply that what I’m doing embodies Black qualities, fine. Im not saying you’re right in your words, I’m saying that I’m not insulted, because I know it’s your way of saying I’m acting Black, and I am black, so I act Black. I notice that this society labels anything Black people do that literally everyone else does as ratchet or ghetto. You’ve done it too. You see black people being loud, you say, “why are they being so ghetto?” No one thinks to say, “they’re being loud”, because that would be too simple to call an action an action. You see a white girl with pink hair and she’s creative, the black girl with the pink wig is ghetto. I lived in Washington, DC and I witnessed this daily. I see a group of white kids being loud at the train station, everyone literally laughs it off, “they’re just being kids”, “they must be excited about the hockey games”, “I wonder what they’re excited about?”. Black teenagers being loud? “See this is why they end up in jail”… for being loud? Wow black crimes get more interesting everyday!

I told you all that Black people are not always wrong, we are just criminalized, a very big difference. Blackness has been ingrained in peoples minds as some type of defect. We can’t just be loud and excited, it has to be attached to some negativity, but let me ask you, have you ever been to a black church? Wedding? Cookout? Anything? Tell me if you notice a difference in our expressions versus, pretty much everyone else’s. Ok, ok, you say Indians are just as loud at their events, but you call that culture my friend. What happens when you rob a people of their culture and minimize it? Exhibit A-Z being Africans and descendants all over the world, you mislabel it and interpret it according to whatever Europeans stated that it was, and that my friends, is wrong.

There are ways to describe our cultural expressions: happy, excited, enthusiastic – these things can be heard as loud and boisterous, and can be displayed with great body movements. I encourage you to go to YouTube and view some African cultural practices such as Ogene dance, and see if you notice similarities. We are a people of great movement, excitement, loudness, and proudness – not ghetto. Even when we are angry, it can be loud and passionate, you know, the way you describe white peoples anger – “oh she was just having a bad day, she was passionate about it and had to raise her voice”. Add the name Shaniqua to where the word “she” is, and see if that even sounds right. It should sound right, but Shaniqua would’ve been labeled as angry and loud for no reason, and “she could’ve handled it different”. Mind you she’s just been robbed but often black people are told to remain calm……. to not be seen as ghetto. Haha! You all don’t remember the famous Karen video last month (July 2021) where the white lady was BUGGING in bath and body works, shouting like a baby at the Black woman, but people in the store were telling the Black lady to calm down and she was the calm one! Y’all have to start seeing your anti-blackness and actively change it.

People actually provoke black people to be angry, then when we react, they say it’s ghetto behavior. I have seen it with my own 2 eyes many times. It has happened to me. White people and others, sometimes even other black people who feel that they’re not ghetto, literally say the most disturbing, provoking, things; and when you react, “why do you have to be so ghetto?” It’s the whole victim blaming, “I know I said the wrong thing but you don’t have to react like someone from the ghetto”. Hahaha! Hey listen, like I said, Black people, not all, but collectively we’re naturally loud. Growing up, my “Nigerian” side was so loud, that everyone knows what I’m about to say, “Nigerians” can be having a normal conversation but you’ll think they are arguing, especially coming from America. They’ll be like “no we’re just having a normal discussion”. That’s it my people, we are just loud. (I think you know why I put Nigerian in quotes).

Listen, there are loud black people who live in these so called ghetto’s that are actually gentrified areas and many times represent places that were once flourishing for Black people; but the government couldn’t have that so they actively removed resources, sometimes with violence and burning, leaving the black people in those areas as now newly created poor people (google six square in Austin, Texas). An area of living that lacks resources can sometimes lead to behaviors that help survival, you may call that crime, fine, but remember that the original crime was capitalism and the ghetto hood rat behavior that is colonization. Y’all don’t remember how America was “founded”, and maintained? On violence, rape, killing, and destroying every area they placed foot, to include actively withholding resources from whole communities they feel are not deserving. Face it, and you can say whatever you want, every attempt for Black people to flourish as a community is stopped by the government, individually no problem, but community? No. That’s another blog post though.

Do you know that growing up with white kids, they labeled my butt as “ghetto booty”, literally in 7th and 8th grade, the white kids used to call me “ghetto booty”. My body part, a butt like everyone else. I lived in the same neighborhood as them, my whole life, but because they are ignorant, they labeled me “ghetto booty”, don’t you people have shame sometimes? So I beg you to remember that the next time you criminalize my loudness, or anything for that matter. Oh, I’m going to be loud, hopefully you hear me, and when you label me ghetto just remember that I’m not ashamed of being black. Did I grow up in the ghetto? It doesn’t matter because I’m not ashamed of being lumped in with Black behaviors. You see them as bad, I see them as culture, carry on.

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Let Me Write A Poem #WordyWednesdays

Let me write a poem
It’s almost time for bed
It’s almost time to settle down
Before I rest my head

I think it’s quite interesting
That as I fall asleep
I have kin all over the world
Who’re fighting for their peace

Who’re fighting for their freedom
Our freedom, Black freedom
Who’re looking to those who help oppress
When we don’t really need em’....

I see...

I wake up & go to sleep thinking all things blackness
I wake & go to sleep & try to make things happen
I wake up & go to sleep & hope my kin are sleeping like me
With all the imbalance in the world that’s highly unlikely

If I can be a source of hope I’d love to say
That your joy is your strength & it goes a long way
Get a peaceful good nights rest for then you’ll see
The battles ahead will be fought with ease & your rest is key.

Don’t burn out on the little fights the battle is ahead
& when you get home get cuddled up & rest your head
I have a little message for you & I hope you see


I love you my Africana people, sleep tight, & be happy 💛💜