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New Item Preview!!!

close up photo of child with jewelry made of beads

The Brand New Beautiful Headband© design!

That’s right people, I got some new lettered beads that brings this design to a whole new level, it is absolutely gorgeous! This brand new design will be available in a range of colors, including multicolor, and will be available on August 4th, so be on the lookout! These beads are made of bronze metal and I am so excited to be incorporating bronze metal beads into ALL my designs now. Thank you all for your support so I am able to continue making and perfecting the products you love. 

It Doesn’t Stop There..

The Melanecklace™, the Melananklet™, and the Melanated Drip Earrings™ are all here! Shop now for these items, I guarantee you will loveeeeee!

Reserve Your Spot now, only 15 spots per class! This allows for more targeted Q&A!
Check out the updated course descriptions and sign up for a liberating experience!
Purchase now! Liberating poems that feed the mind!


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Today Today!!!

Hello all! Today the Decolonize Your Mind Webinar is back and I am so happy for you all to join me at 5:00pm CST! If you have not registered, please do so here. In this class we will talk about the why behind the need to decolonize our minds, especially during this time to be agents of change. This is an inside out work, so we as Global Africana People need to be ready, we have to believe in and do the real work for ourselves. It is a liberating work, it is a work that will actually relieve stress, so i shouldn’t even call it work. This is more like a cleansing. Please join me!

Did you get the Garden of Love: A Book of Poems yet? Well, a favorite seems to be “Ode to Redemption”, join along with your fellow readers and order here! Also, I got some great reviews on Melanated Gem Handmade Accessories, I told you I have male items now too right? Order your custom jewelry today by clicking here! Always remember, everything I do is to uplift and unite the Global Black Diaspora!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Diasporans Making A Difference – #TeamworkThursdays

Hello All! I’m glad to have you. As you can see, DiasporAfri, LLC is growing. I really want DiasporAfri to feel like a family, a journey, and that is why I like to give life to Black people’s actual voices and stories. So give me feedback, what would you like to see? What is important to you? As DiasporAfri grows, I’d like to tell you what is next, and what I am currently working on to catch you all up.

  • Dear Black People™ Webinar Series will be back at the end of March! I am taking the time to refine it using the feedback from the first round, and giving life to specific narratives. This series is liberating minds. I will use part of the proceeds to provide free workshops for youth on a mass scale, that has always been the plan, but now it is revealed!
  • Melanated Gem™ Handmade Accessories to uplift and empower the Global Black Diaspora are now on sale! These waist beads, headbands, and bracelets are special y’all! I made them with the colorful character of the Global Black Diaspora in mind, they are themed, they are powerful, they are bright, and you’ll have a reminder everyday of who you are!
  • Garden of Love: A Book of Poems is being updated to reflect the poems I have written this year that you all love, thanks for the feedback! The updated book will be available next Wednesday, right on time for Wordy Wednesdays! Please support, this book features poems that I have written from 2009 until now, yes 2009! when I was just in undergrad, you can definitely see the evolution of my mind through the poems.
  • The DiasporAfri, LLC App is in pitch mode, and development mode, so I am using feedback to create a product that will really speak to my audience the way you all need to be spoken to, it’ll be great this time around!
  • The Day I learned to Cook Oatmeal: A Journey of Faith, Love, and Redemption is being updated as well to reflect part 4, it has been off of the bookstore for a few months now, but I have ten copies at home, it sold pretty well the first time around, but with the change of events in the world, I am updating it to add some more advice for the times! That will be available in April.
  • Check out the brand new events calendar page to see when the next event or workshop is, and when I’ll be featured as a guest speaker. I have an event coming up on Sunday 11/14/2021 as I’ll be presenting for the Africanidad community, the same one featured in this blog post.
  • As always, you can subscribe to this blog to read uplifting and forward moving content everyday, and I’ll be working on new music soon as well, but as you can see, I’m very busy!
  • Last but not least, I am doing my 2nd round of reaching out to members of Congress and the Senate, for a full list of initiatives on behalf of the Black Community. This is to create one authentic sound and due our duty of accountability as citizens! This time, I am also reaching out to partner with liberated organizations as well. Check out a meeting from the first round of meetings!

The purpose of DiasporAfri, LLC is to educate, uplift, and entertain the Global Black Diaspora for the purpose of unity! No division over here, if we notice an issue, we address it with forward moving solutions. We reject white supremacy and we free our minds to be fully confident and dependent on ourselves, as every united people should be. We have no time to waste, Black people’s safety and well being is on the line, and people are falling victim to 400 year old tactics. At DiasporAfri divide and conquer is demolished, and we support our sistren and brethren across the diaspora unapologetically. Consider donating as well, as I use the opportunity to reach as many people as I can, a donation form can be found below, especially for the development of the DiasporAfri app! With the many initiatives you see above, I kindly ask for your support and wish to partner with other liberated organizations doing the same!

Have a wonderful day! Any donation of $15 or above, you can receive a choice of a bracelet or a copy of my book of poems!


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Important Announcement! Classes Rescheduled Due to Emergency Power Outages!

Hello All! I have sent a message already to registered attendees of the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series. As you may know, the state I live in, Texas, is experiencing an emergency due to weather, and therefore, planned power outages have been happening randomly. We haven’t received very many updates, but each time the power goes out, unfortunately the Wi-Fi goes out, and last night the power went out around the time I plan to hold the webinar, followed by many power outages throughout the night. They have predicted this to go on for the next couple of days, but have unfortunately closed their offices, so we cannot call, we are only relying on seldom Twitter updates. I want to provide a very pleasant experience for attendees, so I don’t want to risk the power going out as we are in the middle of the class. Therefore, I have chosen to reschedule the classes for next week. I would reschedule for the end of this week, but I want to be safe, and I know at least temperatures will be going back up by next week. The issue is, many people are using their heat like never before which is causing a power surge. At least if I know the temperatures will be up, the power usage will be back to normal, so I won’t have to reschedule again just in case the power issue is not fixed. 

I will now hold the last two classes of this go round next Monday and Tuesday; 2/22 and 2/23. Check out the classes, here!

In the meantime, stay safe, and continue to let me know the kind of content you wish to see on DiasporAfri, LLC! As it relates to the Global Black Diaspora.


~Ndidi Love~