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Video of Our Successful Initiatives Meeting! #TeachMeTuesdays

Hello All! Happy Tuesday! On Friday, March 5th, I got together with 3 gentlemen via zoom to discuss initiatives for the Black community. It all started with a tweet, I put it out there that I wanted to have a positive initiatives meeting, and those who would join, did, while others who were not available looked forward to the video, so here it is! Daniel Solomon, founder of the Black Alliance Federation in the Georgia area; Mr. Franc, a young entrepreneur in the making, laying the foundation to start a non-profit in the Georgia area; and TC Curtis, Founder of MetroCore Technologies in the DMV area, were all in attendance; along with myself, founder of DiasporAfri, LLC! We really want to create safe spaces for Black people to discuss our initiatives, along with our concerns and solutions to move forward. In this meeting I was clear about it being a forward moving conversation. Everyone stated their initiatives, then we stated what we think is the most important this to us as it relates to the Global Black community. It was really powerful and we will be doing it again, asking anyone who is interested to join. Again, it is a safe space for Black voices, and those of us who are really looking to build up Black communities!

So this Teach Me Tuesday will be learning about the initiatives that we have going on, and how to have a successful forward moving meeting. Support any of the movements that you see mentioned here in this video, and think of initiatives yourself. I believe that the Black people created for this time were created for a reason, it is divine order that all of us have this fire in us, we will use it for good! In order, I am the first one to show up on the screen, then Daniel Solomon, founder of the Black Alliance Federation with his initiatives that you should definitely support; next is Mr. Franc, who we should definitely support as he continues to grow; finally, TC Curtis joins us as founder of MetroCore Tech consulting services for Black entrepreneurs in the tech world, please support him! As always, please support me as I have stated on my events page that part of the proceeds from my webinar series will go to creating opportunities for Black talent and offering free workshops to Black youth. Remember, I was a teacher first, my content can be broken down to reach any demographic.

Check out the video, and join us next time! The dates will be on the calendar in the events section of this website. Also, the footer of this website will always feature the next 2 upcoming events I will be featured in, or hosting. I will be presenting for the Afrolatinidad community this coming Sunday, so be on the lookout, enjoy!

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When they know they Know

Sometimes you will be confused, melanated gems, why you put yourself out there, and it seems like, people don’t feel the same way about what you do as you do. You put your all into your craft, and the people who you think would love what you do are actually the ones who fall off. It’s not that they don’t know you’re good, they just don’t want it to be you. Remember the pie I talked about in my last blog post? The white supremacy pie that makes everyone who’s not a part of that system fight for one piece? Well, it fuels insecurity and competition.

We already know the statistics, Black women start 763 businesses a day. On a whole, we have to work harder to sustain because we just don’t get the support needed to sustain. I am so happy when I see Black owned businesses because I know what it took to get there. I’m here to tell you that, if the idea was given to you, it’s because you were supposed to fulfill it. What other people say is only their input/opinion, but it is not part of your design. Even the system who rejects you, is not part of your design. Don’t you know, melanated gem, that opposition has to come when you are on the path to greatness, and it may be sad or confusing when it’s your own people, but just remember, we have a lot to do in terms of self love amongst the Black population. Our global self love was robbed from us, you achieving your gift will allow others to achieve the same.

Even though we live in a system that is built for our oppression, we should never, ever, doubt our gifts. People actually know you are good, in fact, you’ve heard it your whole life from unlikely people, you know it’s in your heart every second of the day; and although encouragement is nice, it’s not necessary when you know what you have inside of you. I’ve come to understand that on the road to greatness, opposition comes to force out the greatness in you. I also understand that in my own path, elders always encourage me and recognize the greatness in me, they always encourage me to keep going! Your encouragers are there, just keep them and ignore the rest. Any important, valid feedback will always help build up, it will never tear down.

When they know, they know; but what’s more important is that you know. You know the greatness inside of you, you know what makes you light up, so keep that, and if anyone in your life doesn’t aid in that path, unfortunately, they can go! Your work may benefit them in the long run.

Keep going, warrior, and find out more how to activate the purpose that has always been inside of you by registering for the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series today! 3 weeks and 6 classes left!

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Colonization under a different name… #DearBlackPeople

I usually don’t get into this, unless relating it to a point I want to make to Black people – my melanated gems – however, I think it’s important to understand the root of many of the injustices we see today. White supremacy is a pie, a really old pie, but a pie nonetheless; they’ve taken that old pie and cut out 1 piece to throw out to everyone else to fight over. The 5% of people are fighting over the one piece of pie while white supremacy is enjoying 95% of the pie, and there are crumbs falling from their pie. Then they say, besides the piece we’ve given the rest of you, if one of you would like these crumbs, you can come join us. Therefore, the one or few non-white people take the crumbs, and they feel like they’ve made it, even though they really don’t benefit from the 95% of the pie generationally, so when they try to advance and make progress with the 95%, the 95% reminds them, “you should be happy with your crumbs!” I actually heard a story just like that from a Black woman before, when she asked for a raise after 7 years from her job as the only Black woman working with all white men; and I saw it happen with my dad, when his business was excelling, how his white peers began to become viscous enemies.

What does this have to do with colonization? Well, it’s all the same, the same reason colonization happened, is the same reason for gentrification, marginalization, globalization, and hateration that comes to any Black person who tries to fully succeed and liberate themselves within this colonial construct. The purpose was for white supremacy to keep the pie and eliminate anyone who tried to access more of the pie than they were allotted. That is why Black people rightfully don’t trust Black politicians, because a lot of times they are in and representing the system that they can’t betray. This redemption work is the work of the “regular” people, we don’t have any ties to a system that we owe allegiance to. That is why when I was meeting with Congress and Senate members this past summer, I was happy that I was not attached to any organization, because I could speak freely about my purpose and my faith as it relates to redemption work for Black people. I didn’t have to filter myself, and that’s what we need, we need people without a filter, someone who’s not invested in the advancement of all people, but Black people. Colonization only is upheld out of fear, on both sides; fear from white supremacists that they will lose something that was never theirs, and fear from Black people that we could literally lose our lives trying to fight for it. I remember watching the news a few years ago and hearing 4 or 5 white men admit that they are scared to lose power. Well, again, we have to take back the pie, and unite to demand it. When one person comes up against a system such as colonization, it is hard, but when hundreds of thousands do, it is beneficial.

Let’s do this work together,

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No Need to Ask… #DearBlackPeople

I often find it funny when people argue about the cause of oppression, if slavery is attached to oppression today, and whether or not it affects people today. Have we become numb? In 2020, like 6 months ago, the world was on fire with people screaming Black Lives Matter in the streets. White supremacy unveiled it’s terror for the world to see, and people somehow think we’re stuck in the past. The past is the present people, just like in any relationship, the same issue will keep coming up until you address it.

What part of 400 years don’t people understand, even the American government knows the significance of the 400 years, they literally signed into legislation the 400 Years of African American History Commission Act in 2017, which was in action from 2018 to 2020. Everyone knows the impact of oppression but the ones impacted by it, because we have become numb, allowing people who don’t look like us to argue over our fate instead of taking charge. We can only fear if we’re outnumbered, but we’re not, we’re global. How can we expect the descendants our our enslavers to literally take interest in us when it has nothing to do with their generational wealth. We have to command and demand it, not wait on people to have a change of heart. like I said in another blog post titled, Love Thy Neighbor, “love ain’t gonna change laws and bring justice; we must be our own allies and use our power to get what’s rightfully ours.”

When people are tired, rightfully so, they feel the need to rest. I remember when I was in Namibia, hearing that sentiment amongst the Namibians, as apartheid ended for Namibians in 1994 much more recent than other African nations in the 1960’s. In transit back to the U.S., I had a conversation with a man in the South African airport (Namibia and South Africa were one under apartheid). He told me that after apartheid, Africans were so happy to be free, that they didn’t fight anymore for things like good jobs, they just took what they could get, and passed whatever they had down to their children (I actually just got really sad writing that). It is sad, that all over the world Black people are tired, and then the few that care are left to burden the rest. I know I do it willingly, but I always leave time for myself to enjoy, like from Friday night to Saturday night, I commit to nothing but fun. Anyway, if we as a people are still tired, and still fighting, wouldn’t it occur to us after 401 years to activate the changemaker inside of us?

How quickly we forget, how quickly we get tired! The problem is, people don’t know where to look or where to start, and everyone is looking for one leader. Who told you that you are not a very effective part in this movement? You very much are, but everyone is waiting for a new answer when, there’s no need to ask, we already know! We don’t need any more studies, research, theories, political jargon, we just need action. I always tell people that I have a master’s degree but I don’t use big words. I like to speak to all people, so you can hear me clearly. I have one mission, that is the total redemption of Black people, and I wish to activate the purpose in other Black people like me so we can move forward together!

So let’s not forget today, yesterday, 1619, 2020, and the millions of lives we are fighting for.

Stay strong warriors! & Join me for the remaining classes of the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series.