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New #Poem: “400” Part 2 – #MusicMondays

Check out this video of my latest poem, “400” part 2, then check out the song, “400” part 1, written and produced by me! (the words to this poem are at the bottom of this page)

History Lesson: 400© on SoundCloud written and produced by Ndidi Love –

If you know me then you know what I’m on
Igbo kwenu
Ada Awka
I’m a daughter of the sun
Free Biafra free Nnamdi the entire nation
If it’s Africans for Africa that’s pan-Africa
& We going back to Africa that’s my decision
Call the army call up Garvey
We united as 1
& we marching like an army
We ain’t doing this for fun
Take a step back & regret that
Double down or be done
If you not for me you against me stay on code & B1
Or you want a rerun
Of this 400 & 1
Claim your status as a Hebrew
& just learn your lesson
Or This 11 day journey
Turn to 40 & 1
This a really simple journey
What’s the argument for
Y’all look just like each other
What’s the diaspora war
Y’all use the same comb & grease
That’s enough to have peace
That’s enough to keep quiet with your freedom of speech cuz it ain’t freedom if you not lifting your sister in peace
If you tearing her down, then you doing the least
Na you doing the most
Social media posts
But on the corner when they step to you, you be going ghost.
Look…. i’m just hear to tell you like it is
Think of things to bring legacy to your kids
Do the thing that we all remember you for
Don’t be the one that leads to us to 400 more.

Ndidi Love ©2021

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Hello All! I wrote a new verse for my Twitter audience and they really loved it. I took a few days to rest and all of a sudden my creative mind came back around to me. Creativity is where my mind flourishes. I feel like if I could have made a song a day, that would be what drives me each day. It fuels an energy in me that is unmatched. Literally creating lyrics and perfecting it – the sound of it, the intonations, the facial expressions, music is an art in every form. So I wrote this, and I pretty much kept it how it is from the time I wrote it which was about 2am last Friday, after I had finished creating waist beads, a headband, and bracelet as part of the Melanated Bundle through my Melanated Gem handmade jewelry series (be sure to custom order yours today). So I was literally creative all day, and that led to my mind being free and creating. That being said, I will still blog, but I will be creative in my writing. I believe in structure, but what last Thursday did for me, brought back a new energy, I love music and creative writing! Today is #MusicMonday, so we focus on the music, but, tomorrow is #TeachMeTuesday, so we focus on IGBO’s of course, stay tuned! Check out my latest rap below!

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Let Me Write A Poem #WordyWednesdays

Let me write a poem
It’s almost time for bed
It’s almost time to settle down
Before I rest my head

I think it’s quite interesting
That as I fall asleep
I have kin all over the world
Who’re fighting for their peace

Who’re fighting for their freedom
Our freedom, Black freedom
Who’re looking to those who help oppress
When we don’t really need em’....

I see...

I wake up & go to sleep thinking all things blackness
I wake & go to sleep & try to make things happen
I wake up & go to sleep & hope my kin are sleeping like me
With all the imbalance in the world that’s highly unlikely

If I can be a source of hope I’d love to say
That your joy is your strength & it goes a long way
Get a peaceful good nights rest for then you’ll see
The battles ahead will be fought with ease & your rest is key.

Don’t burn out on the little fights the battle is ahead
& when you get home get cuddled up & rest your head
I have a little message for you & I hope you see


I love you my Africana people, sleep tight, & be happy 💛💜
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#WordyWednesdays – NEW BOOK of Poems available!

Hello All! Well, my NEW BOOK of poems is available to purchase! I updated it with all the poems you all like the most, and you can see the evolution of my mind over a decade. Thank you so much to all of you who expressed interest in my poems, now you can enjoy them all in one! Please support, and let me know which one is your favorite, you can support, here!

Thank you so much!

~Ndidi Love~