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Hello All! I wrote a new verse for my Twitter audience and they really loved it. I took a few days to rest and all of a sudden my creative mind came back around to me. Creativity is where my mind flourishes. I feel like if I could have made a song a day, that would be what drives me each day. It fuels an energy in me that is unmatched. Literally creating lyrics and perfecting it – the sound of it, the intonations, the facial expressions, music is an art in every form. So I wrote this, and I pretty much kept it how it is from the time I wrote it which was about 2am last Friday, after I had finished creating waist beads, a headband, and bracelet as part of the Melanated Bundle through my Melanated Gem handmade jewelry series (be sure to custom order yours today). So I was literally creative all day, and that led to my mind being free and creating. That being said, I will still blog, but I will be creative in my writing. I believe in structure, but what last Thursday did for me, brought back a new energy, I love music and creative writing! Today is #MusicMonday, so we focus on the music, but, tomorrow is #TeachMeTuesday, so we focus on IGBO’s of course, stay tuned! Check out my latest rap below!

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Ogene Music: #MusicMonday

Hello All! I’m going to be talking about Igbo’s a lot more often on my blog. As you know, I am Igbo and Igbo people can currently be found in Southeast Nigeria, as our 2nd home only after migrating from the Middle East. Well, today is about a type of Igbo music called Ogene. It is a fast paced music involving the Ogene instrument which is in the shape of double bells -“ogene mkpi nabo“, or triple bells – “ogene mkpi ito“, which is a highly important instrument amongst Igbo people. Men can also be seen holding drums – “udu“, shaking rattle instruments “ichaka” , slit drum – “ekwe” and skinned drum – “igba”, while singing along in harmony in Igbo language using call and response. The music is usually accompanied by Ogene dance, but I’ll dedicate another blog post to the dance because I want to have enough content to give each part of Igbo culture it’s own post. Check out the video below!

Ogene Instrument made by Igbo Blacksmith
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#MusicMondays… Igbo Highlife Music

Hello All! I’m loving learning the voice of my audience. Your voice plus my voice creates a universal sound, and we can move forward together! Speaking of sounds, have you ever heard of Igbo highlife? If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know that I’m Igbo. On my dad’s side I’m fully Igbo, on my mom’s side I’m Igbo by ancestry via slavery (unfortunately but we’re getting it back SOON!) Well, there is a form of music called Igbo Highlife, and I want to talk about.

African cultures have a storytelling tradition that comes through in the music. Highlife music tells important stories over highly instrumental beats using guitar, horns, drums, and is bass heavy. Many times, the songs pace increases as the song goes on, starting off slow and eventually becoming fast enough to dance. The songs are usually long, and sung in Igbo with a mixture of English words as time went on. I am telling you what I know having grown up with my dad playing highlife music all the time. A major artist he listened to was Chief Osita Osadebe, who famously released the album, Kedu America – Kedu is an Igbo greeting. Chief Osita Osadebe’s career lasted over 40 years and is widely celebrated as the king of Igbo Highlife. I mean, his songs are in my spotify playlists, I love him! Check out a video then continue reading below…

Flavour N’abania is a contemporary highlife artist, and sings my favorite Igbo song to date, Oringo. I love how Flavour is contemporary but keeps the Authentic Igbo sound that older and younger generations can relate to. He singlehandedly made one of the most popular Nigerian songs that can be heard at most African parties, Nwa Baby. Flavor hails from Enugu state in Nigeria, with origin In Anambra state, so we may be cousins 👀. Just kidding! Take a listen to Oringo!

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#MusicMonday – Nigerian Musician, Tems

Hello All! You thought I forgot about you, I could not! Today I have been busy, fulfilling orders and getting many things in order for DiasporAfri, LLC on the business side. I wanted to talk about a Nigerian artist who’s been in my head, her name is Tems. I always was disappointed because of the lack of Nigerian female singers, there are a few, but for the size and impact of Afrobeat, there should be more. Tems, born Temilade Openiyi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She began making music in 2018, and was noted for her ability to compose her own songs. In 2020, she linked up with Afrobeat star, and one of Afrobeats earliest stars, Wizkid. They made magic on a tune called “Essence“. Tems first EP, ‘For Broken Ears” was released in 2020. It sounds good to me of course, but well received and celebrated. Her unique raspy voice is what I love. It is unique to the sound I generally hear from Afrobeat artists. I am just glad that more females are rising, it’s about time! Take a listen below.

Tems- Damages (Official Video) – YouTube