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Inventor Andrew Jackson Beard: #Throwback Black History Month Post

Hello All! Remember earlier when I told you, Black people have been inventing things, and we just haven’t received credit? Well, here is a man who only received his credit decades after his invention. I believe still that the best is yet to come, we will get everything back and then some! Check out Andrew Jackson Beard’s story, below, then register for the final two classes of Dear Black People™ Webinar series for this go round!


On November 23rd, 1987; Andrew Jackson Beard received the patent for his “Jenny Coupler” invention. The Jenny Coupler is a probe that secures two train cars together by merely bumping them together. The formal name for the piece is the Automatic Railroad Car Coupler. Beard did lose his leg in the process of working on railroads, however, that did not stop him. His invention is the forerunner of today’s automatic coupler.

Beard is also the inventor of two plows and a steam engine, which he invented while he was a farmer. The thousands of dollars he received for his inventions then is equivalent to somewhere in the millions now.

We celebrate Mr. A.J. Beard and his dynamic invention that benefits us all today! Be sure to research him to find out more information.

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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Colonization under a different name… #DearBlackPeople

I usually don’t get into this, unless relating it to a point I want to make to Black people – my melanated gems – however, I think it’s important to understand the root of many of the injustices we see today. White supremacy is a pie, a really old pie, but a pie nonetheless; they’ve taken that old pie and cut out 1 piece to throw out to everyone else to fight over. The 5% of people are fighting over the one piece of pie while white supremacy is enjoying 95% of the pie, and there are crumbs falling from their pie. Then they say, besides the piece we’ve given the rest of you, if one of you would like these crumbs, you can come join us. Therefore, the one or few non-white people take the crumbs, and they feel like they’ve made it, even though they really don’t benefit from the 95% of the pie generationally, so when they try to advance and make progress with the 95%, the 95% reminds them, “you should be happy with your crumbs!” I actually heard a story just like that from a Black woman before, when she asked for a raise after 7 years from her job as the only Black woman working with all white men; and I saw it happen with my dad, when his business was excelling, how his white peers began to become viscous enemies.

What does this have to do with colonization? Well, it’s all the same, the same reason colonization happened, is the same reason for gentrification, marginalization, globalization, and hateration that comes to any Black person who tries to fully succeed and liberate themselves within this colonial construct. The purpose was for white supremacy to keep the pie and eliminate anyone who tried to access more of the pie than they were allotted. That is why Black people rightfully don’t trust Black politicians, because a lot of times they are in and representing the system that they can’t betray. This redemption work is the work of the “regular” people, we don’t have any ties to a system that we owe allegiance to. That is why when I was meeting with Congress and Senate members this past summer, I was happy that I was not attached to any organization, because I could speak freely about my purpose and my faith as it relates to redemption work for Black people. I didn’t have to filter myself, and that’s what we need, we need people without a filter, someone who’s not invested in the advancement of all people, but Black people. Colonization only is upheld out of fear, on both sides; fear from white supremacists that they will lose something that was never theirs, and fear from Black people that we could literally lose our lives trying to fight for it. I remember watching the news a few years ago and hearing 4 or 5 white men admit that they are scared to lose power. Well, again, we have to take back the pie, and unite to demand it. When one person comes up against a system such as colonization, it is hard, but when hundreds of thousands do, it is beneficial.

Let’s do this work together,

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Salt of the Earth #Poetry

Black women are the Salt of the earth…

In every form, we are excellent, in every space, we give life; in every time, we make history, in every breath we speak with might.

We are the backbone of the backbone, the place many warriors have called home; our wombs carry legends, and our inheritance is a throne.

We are the flavor of the earth, that mimics our very being; we are the mother of all mothers, we create everything seen.

We are the finish line, it begins and ends with us; we are the storyline, if it trends, it sets with us.

We are because we are, we are our own validation; we are who we are, because we came to change the nations.

~Ndidi Love~ – Register today!

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Leave Queen Harriet Tubman Alone

Let her rest, knowing that all she fought for is actually… and Black women who look like her are actually being treated… *sigh*

Ok, you know what, Black people, my beloved gems, we have to stop being so excited over mediocrity. When will we get tired? When I look at the stats and the numbers of Black women still being the highest educated and least paid, most likely to be mistreated by the healthcare system, and the most likely to be mistreated by any institution – you want me to believe that a $20 bill with the Empress Warrior Harriet Tubman will suffice? Listen, America, don’t even disrespect us, or Harriet, by continuing to mistreat the very women who look like her, and mistreating the people that she fought for. You all must be out of your minds to think that is anywhere near the fulfillment of an executive order on racial equity, anywhere near reparations, or an indication of Black Lives Matter to the masses.

Please! We cannot continue to settle when America upholds an actual system that needs to be eradicated. The very currency that represents America, represents oppression, on a mass scale. As someone else online also mentioned, all the 17 executive orders of 2021 have been targeted to eliminate very specific issues for Hispanic and Native American communities, but when it comes to us, putting our QUEEN on a $20 bill is supposed to be an effort at ending racial inequity? America, do us a favor and stop gaslighting us. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell people to stop, should I expect them to magically change after 401 years? However, I can tell us, as Black people, my beautiful gems, what we should do – we have to reject this mediocrity at all costs. Stay vigilant! Don’t be appeased by crumbs, agitate for change until we get every piece of land, food, business, t-shirt – everything we deserve! Everything made out of cotton, should be ours.

I told you all, I don’t trust president #45 or #46, and it is my right. Should I trust a man who showed us 3 times in 2020 that he doesn’t value Black people, with his words, simply because he “picked” a Black and Asian woman as his Vice President? “Pick me pick me” has to end with Black people, my beloved gems. America, don’t pick me if you’re still upholding oppression masking it as inclusion. I have been saying it for years, inclusion and diversity is a scam. Don’t be fooled by 400 year tactics, it’s all a scam!

There’s still time to register for the 8 part Dear Black People™ Webinar Series and upcoming extended individual courses! Join me for the next 4 weeks!