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Word is BOND! What are the people saying? WE BLACK EVERYDAY!

“I received the RBG Freedom set. They arrived in perfect condition. All the items are beautiful. I love the letter block beads on them.  I especially love the little affirmation note that came with them!” ~ Judi

“I love the design and I wear it everyday. It’s a 100% recommendation from me…” ~ Chuks

“I don’t wear jewelry to often but this bracelet gave me a new sense of pride in wearing something meaningful and handcrafted. You did a great job and I will recommend your store to my friend and family.” ~ L.D.

“I am almost speechless with how much I love this.  I normally don’t wear bracelets, but this one has changed my mind because it is very well done and looks amazing.” ~ Philip

“My package arrived today. Beautiful is beautiful. I love the little touch of hearts on the headband. Thank you” ~ Claudette

“I’m 6 weeks postpartum and ordered my gorgeous waist beads from @EmpressAdaeze sis did her thing. Great quality, beautifully done! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely order from her again. Excellent Customer service and fast turnaround.” ~ Orit


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Hello All! Black Friday is coming, and Black Friday is the day after “thanksgiving” when people shop and get half off, even 75% off deals for expensive products. Well, here at DiasporAfri, LLC, it’s Black EVERYDAY! We celebrate the best parts of us, every day, and we don’t need a specific day. Therefore, I am selling the RBG items for 20% off now through November 30th! RBG stands for Red, Black, and Green; the Pan-African liberation colors, as well as the Biafran (Igbo) colors. These products represent liberation, and you’re also helping me provide classes for children free of charge. join the cause, and look great! My favorite is the RBG Queen and King set, it represents where it all begins, unity between Black woman and man, to create the generations we want to see. Everything starts with Black Love! I wrote a tweet the other week that stated “if the world started in Africa, that means Black Love started the world”… people may argue over the worlds origins before pangea (when the world split up into different continents), but all roads lead to Africa as the origin. Let’s face it, Black love is generational!

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HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO DIASPORAFRI, LLC!!!!!!! Over the past year, DiasporAfri, LLC has blessed MANY people with 5 star handmade waist beads, original design headband, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces, (I’ve been busy!), and every purchase has received 5 stars; I’ve even shipped internationally to Botswana and Australia (DiasporAfri’s REACH has gone far!), and customers have noted the quality and attention to detail. People from ALL OVER the WORLD have commented, liked, and interacted with educative and uplifting blogs written by me. People have attended my webinars and engaged in uplifting dialogue that they admit has helped them see things in a new way and transformed their mind. People have enjoyed (and asking for) my original lyrics over popular rap beats (including songs written and produced by me), they have purchased and enjoyed my book of poems (one customer read them to his family!). People have interviewed me, and have been interviewed by me, and I have been asked to speak on some panels. All of these people are BLACK PEOPLE, from all over the world, and that is the goal of DiasporAfri, LLC, to reach Black people, and I have done that in this year. I look forward to what next year brings! I can only imagine extreme growth. By the way, I am featured on an amazing album coming out soon, so you’ll get to stream my lyrics (I’ll let you know when it comes out!)

WOW, so much to write! I am so PROUD of myself and I did my BEST with what I have been given, I will do even more next year and DIASPORAFRI will be globally accepted as the home of the Global Black Diaspora. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT’S NEXT!

If you want to support, please support buy purchasing jewelry, attending a webinar, purchasing a book of poems, spreading the word, investing, and donating to my CashApp $AlaAdaeze.

There is still time to register for today’s class for $5 only! Find the details along with the course description, here, and sign up before 5:30pm CST! If you’ve read this far, you get 50% off everything plus FREE SHIPPING! Use code: ‘BIRTHDAY’

Check out the video below!