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Character or Riches?, Character and Wealth, Yea That’s It… #TeachMeTuesdays

I have no problem with rich people. Whether you’re rich or poor, your character is what it is.

If that rich person has the heart to help and raise people out of poverty, not just to make minimum wage but live a good life, I have no problem with that rich person. Character trumps all, a lot of people want to put rich Black people in a bubble, if you want to hold them accountable, hold them accountable, but I don’t believe on turning your back on someone just because they became rich.

The problem is, Black people have been bamboozled for hundreds of years. People come and take our resources, lying and doing what else they need to do to deceive us into giving up what’s ours, and we’re left with nothing, or fighting for what’s left – even on our own continent. Greed and capitalism are ways of life that are foreign to us, but the system has told and deceived everyone into believing that it’s the superior way of life. Those of us who have adopted the style have abused it because a lot of times it is used to throw in other Black peoples faces that “look at me, if you want to be where I am then work”, however, that still is an issue of character. If someone works hard and earns their wealth an understands that they owe their community that same opportunity, then I’d say that’s what we need to be encouraging, not capitalism and competition. I watched my dad do it, he gained his wealth and gave, that is why I do not judge people or look for reasons to manipulate, because in my heart any wealth I gain will benefit my people and especially my children and great grandchildren will instill that into their generation.

Let us focus on character building. As a community, we have been bamboozled into thinking this fight is all about resources, but if we gain back the resources and no character, we will be fighting each other back into losing our resources. Divide and conquer is deep y’all: support black business, build character, pour the money back into our communities, and keep building and taking back what’s ours so we can rid ourselves of this disease called white inferiority – masked as “supremacy”.

Be well!

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Dear Warrior… #ForwardFridays

Melanated gem, you may be conflicted at times, wondering why you’re emotions are taking the best of you, and you don’t know what to do. I want you to know that, in this world, 2 things can be true, you can be a kind soul, and a warrior when need be. We should be angry at our treatment, anyone who says to just ignore it is lying to themselves. How do you watch a 9 year old Black girl be abused by the police, in this here 2021, and say, “it doesn’t affect me”. As I watch things like that, I see me, I am the little black girl. If an Asian, or a Jew, or a Middle Eastern had been impacted by that experience, their whole nation would be up in arms, and as I’ve said before people; Africans in America (African-Americans) are the only uncovered people in the world; the system feels that they have control over the identity of Black people, because that is how Blackness started in this country, under the authority of others, they don’t realize, that authority is over, and it never was theirs.

So, warriors, we can’t let the same system control how we express our emotions too, our emotions are ours and we do with them what we want. Who cares if you cry and scream, you should; who cares if you are angry at all white people, you have a right not to trust. Let people earn your trust, all people actually, but especially in workplaces, healthcare, law enforcement, where we are always mistreated. Your emotions are valid, your mistrust is valid, now we move these emotions to actions. We advocate, we act, we educate, we build each other up in action and in business, we pour that energy back into ourselves. It is ok to feel your anger, then after, act. Warrior, you made it this far, and the fact that you are still here means you have something to contribute. Continue to get angry warrior, then after, show us why God put you on this earth.

Activate your inner warrior by joining here:

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Diasporans Making a Difference


Today I’m featuring Ms. Andrena Sawyer, founder of P.E.R.K. Consulting and MCWEN (Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network). She is a woman on the move; an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant committed to helping women thrive in their God-given purposes. Andrena is a dedicated and hard-working woman of great faith!

She is the president of P.E.R.K. Consulting, a consulting firm for nonprofits and small businesses in the Washington DC area. She is also the author of The Long Way Home and The Other Side of Assertiveness. Born in Freetown Sierra Leone, she credits her family’s move to the United States during Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war for her interest in human triumph and perseverance. She is the recipient of numerous business and human services awards, including the 2015 Associated Black Charities award for Outstanding Small Business Leader. However, her greatest interest is to see women reach their full potential based on who God says they are.

Please check out her websites,, and, to request her presence at your event, seek her consultation services, purchase one of her books, and read her blog. I appreciate her dedication to building women up to who they are called to be!