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“How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” Ft. Rakeem Shabazz of Wise the Dome TV! #TeamworkThursdays

Hello All! Today we have another Episode of “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” Featuring Rakeem Shabazz of Wise the Dome TV! He is a brethren that is very wise and educates us everyday on wisdom related to Hip Hop and the Black Diaspora. His channel features Black/African people from all walks of life that educate on hip hop, politics, spirituality, consciousness, and forward moving thinking for knowledge of self. Rakeem is a 5 Percenter, which you’ll learn more about in the video as well as his journey to get where he is today. Let us celebrate Rakeem, enjoy the video! Make sure to subscribe as well.

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How Has Your Culture Shaped You? Interview Ft. Jerrell Sweetgrass #ForwardFridays

Hello All! I had the privilege of interviewing Jerrell Sweetgrass, he is a professional Chef with his own catering company, former military personnel, filmmaker, and all around entrepreneur with a WEALTH of knowledge on Global Black/African culture. The reason I chose to post his interview for #ForwardFridays is because he is a forward moving man with many ideas & well thought out initiatives for the Global African/Black Diaspora. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him teach me and break down aspects of culture through hip hop that I had never even thought of or heard explained that way. Jerrell is also a Gullah Geechee man, an ethnic group native to Georgia and the Carolinas, that I’ve written on many times, but I actually got to hear him explain the culture from his own lived experience. I believe you’ll love the interview as much as I did, and this is why I do what I do, to give authentic voices to the diaspora. It’s one thing to study, but to hear people give their authentic stories from lived experiences is what we need as a people. No more false narratives, we tell our own narratives from now on. Watch the video below, and connect with Jerrell for authentic Gullah Geechee food that he works so hard to share within his culinary creations. Thank you so much, Jerrell, DiasporAfri celebrates you!

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New Interview! “How Has Your Culture Shaped You” Ft. Tunji Enahoro!!!

Hello All! “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” is back! Tunji Enahoro, founder of Zethos Media is a photographer, videographer, and content creator. He talks about how his Yoruba culture has shaped him to be where he is today, along with his personal definition of culture, you’re going to love it! He speaks about his view point on his Yoruba culture in relation to other cultures in Nigeria, and his honest, thoughtful view on cross cultural relations. I had such joy speaking to him, he is a strong supporter of DiasporAfri, LLC; and he is currently in Lagos, Nigeria. The power of social media! Tunji is also currently offering a course on videography, check it out!

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Thank you Tunji!

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