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Precolonial Africa: Submission or Liberation? #SoulfulSundays

So there’s a long running debate on cultural practices that we shared in precolonial Africa. I’d like to say upfront that I don’t believe that how we practice our marriages have any bearing on unity as a people. I believe that as long as we are engaging in healthy, life-giving (man and woman), relationships, we will be able to build families around strong bloodlines and generational wealth building as we move towards liberation. The foundation of societies are strong families, but I want to use this blog post and video to debunk that all of precolonial Africa practiced patriarchy and submission.

This is part 1 because, I want to go way more in depth about this. In this video is use 3 models: my Igbo culture (Nigeria), the Himba people of Namibia that I lived with when I was teaching there, and Ghanaian culture based on accounts from Ghanaian friends to show that women were honored as the life giving vessel, seen as closer to God because of our ability to give birth, and esteemed amongst society. God was also genderless as a being, I’ll get into that in part 2. Let me know what you think of this video!

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Diasporans Making A Difference: DJ Kweks – #TeamworkThursdays

Hello All! Today’s teamwork Thursday’s features a brethren that I have supported since the beginning. His initiative is global now and I am so inspired by his entrepreneurial story. DJ Kweks started Afropolitan in Washington, DC, as a networking platform for Black professionals all over the diaspora to come and network for 1 or 2 hours, once a month, then dance the rest of the night! His motivation was to stop the diaspora wars and really bring people together. I can say for myself that it was unique, and I always had a good time. Afropolitan featured various DJ’s who would mix Afrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, and Reggae. It expanded to showcasing artists and entrepreneurs, and the vibe was always good. Comparatively, other events did not match at all, in my opinion. I really met a lot of great people through his platform. it went on to be successful in many other cities, and now Afropolitan does a virtual party online once a month for quarantine! Check it out! Enjoy the write up below! By the way, I will no longer be featuring interviews from the past, moving forward, they will each be new, 3 Thursdays out of the month.


Kweku Amoako (Also Known as DJ Kweks) is a popular international disc jockey and cultural icon dedicated to empowering and galvanizing the African diaspora through music and culture. Kweku is the founder and CEO of DrumPulse Entertainment – A premiere US based African event production and Entertainment brand with a mission to unlock opportunities in the African diaspora by connecting and engaging professionals through unique social and cultural experiences. The company’s Afropolitan Cities platform is arguably the largest diaspora movement of its kind, attracting over 3000 professionals across 5 cities (Washington DC, New York, Miami, Houston, Baltimore) each month to connect, exchange ideas and celebrate African culture and music. The vision of the company is to build an extensive global diaspora network as a channel for diaspora outreach and engagement and to integrate African culture with those of several metropolitan cities around the world.
Kweku is also a business operations and strategy expert with several years in management consulting for Accenture, JPMorgan, Sprint, Astrazeneca and other fortune 500 companies. He holds an electrical engineering degree from Howard University and an MBA from Georgetown McDonough School of Business.

More about Drumpulse Entertainment-

DrumPulse Entertainment is a premiere African and international event production and DJ service company based in the DC metro area. They aim to connect the African diaspora through symbolic national celebrations & entertaining multicultural events that foster cultural appreciation and integration. Their signature events include African holiday parties, Happy-hour mixers, talent shows, concerts, African food tasting, etc.

More about Afropolitan-

Afropolitan is highly anticiapted and highly attended cultural experience in DC, NYC, Baltimore, Miami and Houston. In each of these cities it is also the premiere if not the only choice of upscale Afro-Caribbean social experience for diaspora professionals. First, people connect over cocktails and light music, for a premier networking experience. Next there is an element of culture that is highlighted through fashion, performances, food, music, art exhibition, and spoken word. Then, there is a business spotlight focusing on inspiring entrepreneurs doing great things. Finally, the night transitions into music, dance, and fun! Featuring the latest Afrobeat and Caribbean tunes. Well, I know I have fun for sure!

To find out more about Drumpulse Entertainment, click here:

To find out more about Afropolitan, click here:!about/x115m

Be sure to check out one of their events in a city near you!