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Shop the New Beautiful Headband© Now!

Made with beads, stones, and intricately sewn into an elastic band; the Beautiful Headband© features Metal Bronze letters that are sure to capture the attention of everyone watching, if they didn’t know, they now know, you are beautiful!

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New Item Preview!!!

close up photo of child with jewelry made of beads

The Brand New Beautiful Headband© design!

That’s right people, I got some new lettered beads that brings this design to a whole new level, it is absolutely gorgeous! This brand new design will be available in a range of colors, including multicolor, and will be available on August 4th, so be on the lookout! These beads are made of bronze metal and I am so excited to be incorporating bronze metal beads into ALL my designs now. Thank you all for your support so I am able to continue making and perfecting the products you love. 

It Doesn’t Stop There..

The Melanecklace™, the Melananklet™, and the Melanated Drip Earrings™ are all here! Shop now for these items, I guarantee you will loveeeeee!

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