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Whether You Like it or Not, Anti-Blackness is in Everything: Here’s How We Move Forward

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It’s not rocket science, the institutions that have implemented and enforced the racist policies that impact us all today, they are not gone. This is why I say, I know the importance of unity and sticking together, but individually we must be able to stand up and challenge every situation that we face. As we gradually begin to take personal responsibility for situations that happen to us in every racist situation, big or small, in every institution – medical, educational, workplace, corporate, legal, social, everywhere!

I was talking to my great aunt, well, she’s my grandmothers first cousin, we always talk. She is in her 70s, and so lovely, she tells me stories of being the first Black manager at AT&T years and years ago, and all the stories of racism, while overcoming to still make some of the most accomplishments while there. I have the same stories she has years later, and we share stories a lot, I am at least 40 years younger than her. We cannot ignore that a lot of these micro and macro aggressions are literally embedded in the framework and thinking of people. Even if let’s say, someone is naïve enough to believe that greater society has eradicated racism, the very fiber of how we interact is seen at work, where most people make a living, and social events/social activities, where most people gather. In these institutions, this is where many of these acts of racism are seen and the most impactful. The reason why I can go to the store right now and be confusingly greeted with “is there something you need?”, when the white person right before me was greeted with “hi, welcome, how may I help you?”, is because of the literal DNA of these institutions. I remember the most recent outrageous one was at the post office a few weeks ago; I literally walked in, fly as could be, and the post office worker was like “umm is there something you need?’ maybe because the post office is in an all white area, she was confused by seeing me – too bad for her, however, I said “I’m here for my health, no, obviously I’m here because I want to send out a package.” Again, I had just watched the white customers be greeted with joy and extra care as I stood in line. Why else would I be coming to your business if I didn’t need help? That is why I have an attitude in my response everytime and allow them to see their ignorance real time. You may not think it matters but, it helps not to be passive. This is a common occurrence in every institution I enter that requires me to receive customer service, and it’s because people are ignorant and think black people don’t require good service, or we should just be happy that someone is even talking to us. Watch very closely, that is why diversity and inclusion is a scam; they will include you, as long as they can still talk to you any kind of way. What we fight for is total liberation.

I am not passive with the little or the big things, because I have heard many people say we should overcome those little moments with kindness and kill their ignorance. My sisters and brothers, no! We have been kind through slavery, jim crown, civil rights, and now Black Lives Matter, all while being the only people in the world to not receive reparation’s or any kind of bill protecting us as every other group has. Different name, same fight, you may not see a plantation but as I said in Tuesday’s blog post, they still behave as if the plantation is there. So we are constantly running away from the plantation, we should not be compliant or passive on the plantation, the pseudo slavemasters need to know that we do not accept micro or macro aggressions against us and that we will fight everytime, and we won’t stop until they are eradicated, just like the Asians did to receive the Anti-hate bill, you get me?

I like to bring things down to a micro level often, so people understand me. If you are in a relationship, and the person keeps disrespecting you, the day you finally stand up, they may laugh and think you are not serious, until you show them that their disrespect could cost them the relationship. The relationship between whiteness and Blackness, (as I wrote about in this blog post) and unfortunately the entire world that has taken on a whiteness stance towards the treatment of Black people, is very toxic, yet the world depends on Blackness and Africa’s resources to sustain every institution. Passiveness is not how we regain control of our livelihoods and resources, active challenging makes it easier for us to be a united front.

What will you do to stand up today?

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The Plantation is Physically Gone, Now Get it Out of Your Mind! #TeachMeTuesdays

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White people love dissension between black people. It’s the one thing they have carried on that they haven’t even realized, or have realized – either way I don’t care, I just know that for them, black people disagreeing is a show. I will have already built 10 schools if I had a dollar for everytime a white person has tried to cause dissension between myself and another black person, or when I witnessed it happen to other Black people I know. Literally, I remember when I was a substitute teacher while I was in grad school, and I worked permanently at a school that had a black principal, but every teacher was white except 1. When the principal would send me to classrooms, the white teachers would always say “we don’t need her”, mind you, my reputation and results with the students was great (why the principal wanted me there permanently). Well, finally, a new student came that was very active I should say, he happened to be a student of the only Black teacher. The principal assigned me to him permanently for the rest of the year, because he needed a one on one. You can guess what happened next, ALL the white teachers got upset, and said the principal was showing favoritism to the Black teacher, and they didn’t stop there, they wrote a whole complaint! What happened because of this? The Black teacher I was working with stated that her and I could no longer speak outside of the classroom, and I told her that she shouldn’t let these people determine our relationship (this was in 2014 by the way). So one morning, disregarding her fear of white people, I said “good morning” to her outside of the classroom, just by habit! She got so upset and tried to scold me later on “don’t you know these people have filed a complaint?”, I said “Yes, I don’t care, I am not going to let them determine my relationships.” She tried to “school” me on how to deal with white people, because she thought since she was older, she was an expert and I was being naïve, which I rejected. You have to begin to ask yourself why we are here in the first place, because I was assigned to a Black teachers classroom when all the other white teachers were adamant that they didn’t need my help. This country can drive you crazy, with the nonsense these people make up to seem right and superior. Divide and conquer at it’s finest, and as you can see it worked. They did not appreciate my help in their classrooms, but as soon as they saw two black women being paired together, uproar! Immediately, the Black teacher displays fear, dissociates from me, and their plan worked. Very weird, colonizer behavior, monitoring black people and causing dissension between us as if we’re on a plantation.

I have been in situations and watched where there was an issue involving Black people and the white people around think they are the authority on how to handle the situation, even if a Black person is already helping. There is a savior complex and slaveowner plantation complex that makes them feel they can always come between us, our issues, our conversations, our everything. Even when our situations are positive, they must insert their division somewhere. I ignore them and stand my ground when they try to interfere all at the same time, but unfortunately my melanated brethren and sistren such as the one mentioned have “scolded” me for even thinking to correct a white person, or go against their plan. “My, you’re confident around white people, you just corrected him like that?’ Uh, yes, if he’s saying misinformation about Africa or Black people, or in general, lol. Be on code people, you are not the plantation you don’t have to scold Black people on a white person’s behalf, smh. You are not going to get a prize, if anything, you will be isolated and controlled, just like the teacher mentioned above. In her mind, complying with their nonsense saved her job, but what if she had that same energy and fought with me, we could’ve possibly had a case ourselves. When we’re divided, it’s easier for them to pick the black person that sides with them and say “see, she agrees with us, what are you talking about?” What is the actual fear of white people? I get what they have done for 401 years but as they are human, we are human too and can always reverse the roles! We can be unified and dismantle their whole system from the little lies to the global ones. So I said all that to say, be on code at all times, you may think it’s light, and “do whatever you gotta do to keep your job”, but we need to start showing ourselves that we can truly be on code and are a force to be reckoned with. The one thing about me at jobs is that they knew I was always willing to give up my job to stand up for what’s right, I never wanted them to feel I need them and I’ll do whatever to stay, I’ve even protected Black people who weren’t on code. The reason I do is because, If a woman and her husband are arguing, disrespecting each other for the world to see, other people may see that as a relationship not to be respected, and possibly either a) disrespect the significant other as well or b) try to come between them. That is how it works with divide and conquer, it’s how diaspora wars have started, it’s why Black families have been broken up, and it means so much to just be on code.

We have entered into a new era, I’ve spoken about it since 2018, but you see, all these laws are changing, and benefiting the violence that initially “built” this country. Especially in Texas, people are about to start having guns with no license starting in September, and they just removed Black history information from the Texas curriculum and information that makes slavery look bad. You may not think so but, right now they are trying to show their “authority” because people are becoming empowered, now is thee perfect time to be on code, please! Being on code could save a life at this point.

Join me in my Dear Black People series to learn how to free yourselves of this thinking, and learn how to be on code!

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Character or Riches?, Character and Wealth, Yea That’s It… #TeachMeTuesdays

I have no problem with rich people. Whether you’re rich or poor, your character is what it is.

If that rich person has the heart to help and raise people out of poverty, not just to make minimum wage but live a good life, I have no problem with that rich person. Character trumps all, a lot of people want to put rich Black people in a bubble, if you want to hold them accountable, hold them accountable, but I don’t believe on turning your back on someone just because they became rich.

The problem is, Black people have been bamboozled for hundreds of years. People come and take our resources, lying and doing what else they need to do to deceive us into giving up what’s ours, and we’re left with nothing, or fighting for what’s left – even on our own continent. Greed and capitalism are ways of life that are foreign to us, but the system has told and deceived everyone into believing that it’s the superior way of life. Those of us who have adopted the style have abused it because a lot of times it is used to throw in other Black peoples faces that “look at me, if you want to be where I am then work”, however, that still is an issue of character. If someone works hard and earns their wealth an understands that they owe their community that same opportunity, then I’d say that’s what we need to be encouraging, not capitalism and competition. I watched my dad do it, he gained his wealth and gave, that is why I do not judge people or look for reasons to manipulate, because in my heart any wealth I gain will benefit my people and especially my children and great grandchildren will instill that into their generation.

Let us focus on character building. As a community, we have been bamboozled into thinking this fight is all about resources, but if we gain back the resources and no character, we will be fighting each other back into losing our resources. Divide and conquer is deep y’all: support black business, build character, pour the money back into our communities, and keep building and taking back what’s ours so we can rid ourselves of this disease called white inferiority – masked as “supremacy”.

Be well!

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Our Origins Move Us Forward… #ForwardFridays

Hey Y’all! I often hear people say that “history doesn’t matter” or, “don’t stay stuck in the past”. That narrative is often posed to Black people, trying to gaslight us into forgetting our past, the good and the bad. If we say “we were queens and kings”, someone will say, “well we aren’t now”; if we say “we were enslaved and we are owed reparations”, someone will say “well we aren’t slaves now”. The point is, all of our history matters, why?

Well, there is nothing new under the sun. I remember living in Namibia and them teaching me the importance of hairstyles. Braided hairstyles on both women and men could tell the person’s age and status, along with jewelry and markings that furthered these symbols (widow, wife, etc.). There was a particular hairstyle that was designated for little boys, it was two braids, braided towards the front or the back with the rest of the head shaved off. I remember coming back to the US, and 2 years later, that style becoming popular over here with the men. I told someone one day that their hairstyle is symbolic to Himba culture in Namibia and they laughed. Again, if we knew what a lot of the things we do mean, we would not take them so lightly. What if they knew that their hairstyle was a symbol of boyhood, and the next level hairstyle represented manhood, or even that it identified the tribe they were from? He could either wear it with pride, or wear the hairstyle that represents his status as a man! Through enslavement, all these identifiers were taken from us, and that part is important too! However, the fact that the royalty still found its way into the diaspora even through enslavement is why it matters, because we can still celebrate and live out our royalty, building on the legacy of the ancestors, even though some feel like they are doomed, and there’s still work to do…

Young Himba Boys

I always get excited when I find cultural similarities between the diaspora, it’s the sociologist in me, but I find that others do not care. As I stated yesterday, freed Africans purchased their own land in Texas to even be able to celebrate Juneteenth in peace without being harassed for being on “white property”. Now, we are still being harassed on land that belongs to all of us, and in the spaces where we celebrate ourselves, we are not really living out the true meaning of these holidays and celebrations. Not that it has to be 100% serious, but we should always use these spaces to educate and edify and empower. There’s always the 1 Black person at the cookout who wants to celebrate blackness and teach everyone there, everything they know (I’ve been that person), but they get laughed at or told “this is not a Harriet Tubman moment” , you know what I’m talking about and you know I’m not lying. We always have people trying to remind us, but because of brainwashing, we are told to forget, or laughed at…. our origins matter!

So, this weekend, as you celebrate Juneteenth, and every other holiday for us, be sure to use those moments to be that person, whether laughed at or not. Educate, edify, and empower, trust me, they are listening!

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