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#WordyWednesdays – NEW BOOK of Poems available!

Hello All! Well, my NEW BOOK of poems is available to purchase! I updated it with all the poems you all like the most, and you can see the evolution of my mind over a decade. Thank you so much to all of you who expressed interest in my poems, now you can enjoy them all in one! Please support, and let me know which one is your favorite, you can support, here!

Thank you so much!

~Ndidi Love~

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Poetry!!! #WordyWednesdays

Hello All! Today’s poem was one I wrote about a relationship between a man and a woman. Turns out, it kind of relates to my Open Letter To Black People that I posted for my social media followers yesterday. A woman who chooses to go back, it’s up to her, but is it worth it? Enjoy!

The best way to say “I love you” is changed behavior.
Tried to love you from my heart, but found out soon after.
The best way to love you is to leave you alone.
I’m not trying to figure you out, I’m just too grown.
& when I ask you do you love me, just leave me alone.
Yea you a good actor, but we already know.
You ain’t tryna love me. You just tryna play me.
You tryna get these birds on that skeet skeet skeet.
Bring her to your mom & you’ll see see see.
The feeling you have for her is only temporary.
I caught feelings for her & it’s really scary.
But not the type of feelings that you thinking you see.
This feeling of rage got me going crazy.
I wanna go and find her but don’t wanna seem weak.
My issue is with you but she not innocent as she think.
You just thinking bout’ your life & not the life we make.
Or I make.
But you fake.
Yea you sleep.
But I’m wake.
& I decide to choose you but that’s the risk I take.
© 2019

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When they know they Know

Sometimes you will be confused, melanated gems, why you put yourself out there, and it seems like, people don’t feel the same way about what you do as you do. You put your all into your craft, and the people who you think would love what you do are actually the ones who fall off. It’s not that they don’t know you’re good, they just don’t want it to be you. Remember the pie I talked about in my last blog post? The white supremacy pie that makes everyone who’s not a part of that system fight for one piece? Well, it fuels insecurity and competition.

We already know the statistics, Black women start 763 businesses a day. On a whole, we have to work harder to sustain because we just don’t get the support needed to sustain. I am so happy when I see Black owned businesses because I know what it took to get there. I’m here to tell you that, if the idea was given to you, it’s because you were supposed to fulfill it. What other people say is only their input/opinion, but it is not part of your design. Even the system who rejects you, is not part of your design. Don’t you know, melanated gem, that opposition has to come when you are on the path to greatness, and it may be sad or confusing when it’s your own people, but just remember, we have a lot to do in terms of self love amongst the Black population. Our global self love was robbed from us, you achieving your gift will allow others to achieve the same.

Even though we live in a system that is built for our oppression, we should never, ever, doubt our gifts. People actually know you are good, in fact, you’ve heard it your whole life from unlikely people, you know it’s in your heart every second of the day; and although encouragement is nice, it’s not necessary when you know what you have inside of you. I’ve come to understand that on the road to greatness, opposition comes to force out the greatness in you. I also understand that in my own path, elders always encourage me and recognize the greatness in me, they always encourage me to keep going! Your encouragers are there, just keep them and ignore the rest. Any important, valid feedback will always help build up, it will never tear down.

When they know, they know; but what’s more important is that you know. You know the greatness inside of you, you know what makes you light up, so keep that, and if anyone in your life doesn’t aid in that path, unfortunately, they can go! Your work may benefit them in the long run.

Keep going, warrior, and find out more how to activate the purpose that has always been inside of you by registering for the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series today! 3 weeks and 6 classes left!

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New Blogging Schedule!

Well, now that I’ve become better at how to optimize best results for blogging, and understanding what people like, I have decided to go back to a schedule that highlights all my passions while incorporating what my audience likes. Here it goes!

Soulful Sundays – motivational, uplifting message for the soul.
Music Mondays – featuring my music or the music of a Black artist I love.
Teach me Tuesdays – educational or historical fact from any part of the Global Black Diaspora
Wordy Wednesdays – featuring new or old poetry of mine or another Black poet.
Throwback Thursday (1 Thursday a month) – featuring an old blog post or feature of mine as I revisit and explain my thoughts/where I was during that time. Teamwork Thursdays (3 Thursdays a month) – featuring a person in the Black Diaspora doing great work, “Diasporans Making A Difference” or an interview conducted by Ndidi Love for “How Has Your Culture Shaped You”
Forward Fridays – a message of conviction to help move the Global Black Diaspora forward.

Speaking of moving forward, follow me on this journey as we move forward towards our liberation as Black people!