DiasporAfri, LLC offers classes that teach fellow warriors in the Global Black Diaspora how to walk in new freedom with a decolonized mind to unify and make systemic, generational change. You will rediscover your purpose and strength, and have the courage to be the change while empowering others to do the same! No matter your income or status, this class speaks to you, your personality, spirit, and purpose. I formed these classes with scholarly research, my Master of Arts in Africana Studies, and 11 years of lived experiences to show you how I achieved the decolonization of my mind, and give you practical steps on how to achieve the same! I have also been awarded for successfully serving Black populations in many roles, and I have been able to learn the voices and concerns of us as Black people, and give authenticity to our voices. I’m also a prayer warrior, and I’ll show you how to tap into every part of you! These classes come with many benefits including articles and access to zoom video upon completion, Part of the proceeds from these courses will actively help create opportunities for Black populations, and offer free courses to youth. All rights of these courses are reserved © for DiasporAfri, LLC. Click the pictures to read the course descriptions!

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