Decolonize Your Mind Entry Level Course

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Decolonize your mind is an entry level course offering lifelong strategies that challenge your thought patterns and helps you discover the strength and purpose inside of you and others. This course helps each individual to undo the toxic thinking that has come along with colonization, divide & conquer. This entry level course prepares your mind to take in the information offered by the remaining courses in the Dear Africana series.

  • 1 Hour Long Zoom course – November 1st, 8th, 15th, and 27th at 6:00pm CST
  • Take away strategies
  • Resources/notes
  • Follow up from Ndidi Love

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Course Date

November 1st, November 8th, November 15th, November 22nd

5 reviews for Decolonize Your Mind Entry Level Course

  1. AfroN8V (verified owner)

    Ndidi Love provided a great session where she spoke with her heart, spirit and mind. Which the audience reciprocated with great dialogue. Recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to decolonize their mind OR decolonized minds who want to hear fresh perspectives.

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you, AfroN8V! Your presence was greatly appreciated!

  2. Oston Jemba Madengue (verified owner)

    Decolonization of the mind is necessary if someone is entrenched in the masters way of life. The masters tools build and refurbish the masters house. The fundamental foundation of the American lifestyle that embodies our mind must be dismantled.

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you Oston, I enjoyed having you!

  3. Paris Finesse (verified owner)

    It was a joy to attend this seminar as I think it is beneficial to anyone who understands that there has been a lack in amplifying who were truly are individually and collectively. Even for those who don’t, it would be a great start to understanding the dynamics among us. Recommended!

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you Paris! I enjoyed your presence!

  4. Enola

    I was so glad to be in this type of forum and learn from Ndidi’s knowledge and wisdom. She explains how to change our language and mindset, but she gives examples in showing us how to take positive words by speaking and doing
    that we can live in faith. The most significant takeaway from this course for me is I am because we are, which has so many meanings that I look forward to Defining for me. Getting other perspectives than your own will enhance your spirituality and mindset.

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you Enola for your presence & your feedback! I enjoyed having you!

  5. R. Scott

    I think tonight’s discussion on Decolonizing Your Mind was very informative, provided insight into why some Black people still have the slave mentality mindset. We are free to do anything we want to, not having to depend on handouts from from corporations that can dictate how we do business. Seek wisdom from God and be persistent and consistent in attaining your goals. Don’t allow distractions or people to stop you. Great job!

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you!!

    • Ndidi Love (verified owner)

      Thank you for your support! I enjoyed your presence!

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