Dear Africana™ Webinar Series


Dear Black People is a series offering all 8 individual courses combined as a 4 week, 2 day a week course. Each course leads into the next and provides cumulative information. Purchase the series and save $101!

  • 8 1.5-2 hour long Zoom Webinars (depending on Q&A length)
  • Extended Decolonize Your Mind™ course.
  • 2 classes a week for 4 weeks: Next Dates TBA Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Personal follow up from Ndidi Love to see how strategies are working and answer any additional questions.
  • Lifelong takeaway strategies catered to all walks of life.
  • Password access to Zoom videos upon completion of each course.
  • 1 on 1 activation prayer upon request


Each 1.5-2 hour session comes with Q & A, articles, password access to zoom video upon completion, and activation prayer upon request. Keep in mind that when you register, it is highly recommended that you also sign up for the Decolonize Your Mind class on the preceding day, if you haven’t taken it already. This class will be offered in full one time per 8 class series, and a limited class the day before each course to relay some key points. If you miss the one on the previous day, you have an opportunity to join the other in the next week.

Decolonize Your Mind© – Understand how to free your mind of oppressive thinking, prepare your mind to see and act in the world, fully free. This course is set up to challenge your thinking, with practical takeaway steps for all walks of life. This is a full course with Q & A, reference articles, and access to Zoom video upon completion of course. *It is recommended to take this course first* Next date for April full 8 part series attendees only – Tuesday April 5th at 6:15pm CST

United We Stand, Powerful We Rise© – Understand the importance of our united image across continents using relevant examples from united people who have done the same, and why it matters to our next steps in this liberation journey. Next Date April 7, 2021 at 6:00pm CST 

Black Love is Global© – Understand the meaning of Black love beyond romantic relationships, and learn how to create it cross-continentally. Next Date April 14th at 6:00pm CST

Promote Us, Don’t Demote Us© – Understand the breakdown of why we have been strategically placed to promote what tears us down and uplifts others, and go beyond the promotion of Black Business to empower generational wealth and change for many generations. Next Date April 21st at 6:00pm CST

Tearing Down Colonial Idols© – Identify unknown colonial idols and eradicate your mind of them for good. Next Date April 28th at 6:00pm CST

Our identity is our inheritance© – Understand the purpose of our identity from a historical point of view and how it is attached to our liberation to to move us forward. Next Date May 5th at 6:00pm CST

400 Years is up© – Understand the spiritual and physical implications of 400 years, hidden meanings, and how it will empower us to move forward. Next Date May 12th at 6:00pm CST

The strength of Black Women© – Understand the purpose of the identity of Black women, and the revolutionary way that this understanding will unite us as both Black woman and men. Next Date May 19th at 6:00pm CST


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