Dear Black People™ Webinar Series


Dear Black People is a series offering all 4 individual courses combined as a 4 week, 2 day a week course (to include Decolonize Your Mind recurring every week). Each course leads into the next and provides cumulative information.

  • 4 1.5-2 hour long Zoom Webinars (depending on Q&A length)
  • Extended Decolonize Your Mind™ course.
  • 2 classes a week for 4 weeks: November 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd – 2021 (See course descriptions below on the ‘Description’ tab)
  • Personal follow up from Ndidi Love to see how strategies are working and answer any additional questions.
  • Lifelong takeaway strategies catered to all walks of life.
  • Password access to Zoom videos upon completion of each course.
  • 1 on 1 activation prayer upon request


Decolonizing Your Mind; November 2nd – this is an extended course, expanding on the Decolonize Your Mind course. This course sociologically, spiritually, historically, and practically breaks down the process of decolonizing your mind. The society’s ways of thinking are broken down to understand the historical reasons why the world has come to think this way. Through this class, you will feel liberated enough to enter the world with a fresh, uplifting worldview.

The Power of Our United Image; November 9th – This course evaluates the practical steps to unifying globally as a Black community, and the historical and sociological reasons why the west has worked hard to keep us divided. Black love is explored in depth to move beyond romantic relationships. Through this class you will be able to actively see yourself participate in unifying behaviors that extend beyond words.

Our Identity is Our Inheritance; November 16th –  This course evaluates our identity as a people; even within the framework of the multiple identities we originate from and have been given. Through the context of slavery and colonialism, you will learn how this directly connects to your inheritance. Through this class you will learn how to actively seek and fight for your inheritance with a focus on achieving results.

Balance: The Strength of Black Women and Black Men, Unified; November 23rd- This course evaluates the historical lens on women in the African worldview, and how it is seen today from multiple points of view. You will evaluate historical and current events to understand the transformation of Black womanhood and how the image has been damaged by the west throughout the centuries. Through this course, you will learn how to positively reframe your mind around Black femininity and masculinity to achieve balance, together.


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