About Ndidi Love

This about me page is not an endorsement of any organization but a summary of my experience. I have a heart for the redemption of Black people, and I live for the redemption of Black people. I have taken the time to learn Africana people through volunteer and paid work in various communities, not just for a study, but for understanding to make change. I make people in the Global Black Diaspora feel like they can conquer the world. Sure, I have been awarded for my work uplifting Black populations just 4 times; however, transforming Black lives is my goal. Ask my students in Namibia, I had no preconceived notions of working at the lowest performing school in the region, what matters is that I was the only teacher in my cohort to teach my students how to create a PowerPoint and write a mini autobiography because I believe in and teach excellence to every student that sits in front of me. "Hardest Working Teacher" is the award they gave me; "what you've done in this time I have never seen in years", said my director. Cool huh? Here's my strategy...

I learn people, I study Black cultures from all over the diaspora - why I have a Masters in Africana Studies (Chairman's Award for Excellence in Academic Service), and I connect the dots across the diaspora - why I have a Bachelors in Sociology (Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society)  using this information to uplift anyone in my presence and educate my audience. It's all about transferring the confidence I have in myself and my heritage to others with both personal and existing developed theories, life experiences, and documented information. It's about staying true to myself, and never compromising my character. Sure they say "do it this way!"... until, The World Bank asks me to be part of their promotional video on African Leaders, or I helped make change in legislation impacting citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or last but not least, successfully call 523 member of Congress and the Senate, meet with 23, and deliver my message to 70 during quarantine to present solutions for us as African Americans. A mouthful, but there is no wrong way to be right, dear Black people.

So, everywhere I am, my purpose remains the same; I help create Black Excellence, and teach my fellow gorgeously melanated people with tight curls in our hair how to live outside of biased boundaries to conquer the world, and to make change. There isn't a space I've been in where I didn't stand up for what's right, especially on behalf of Black people. In the world of Ndidi Love, everything is accomplishable, and no is not an acceptable word.   

I have a plethora of experiences - mainly being an educator - however, I have been a workforce development case manager, human resources sourcing specialist - in which I helped recruit the most diverse internship cohort the program saw in 10 years, and recruiter for a college. Along with a Bachelors and Masters, I hold an Associates in Criminal Justice and a certificate in Public Policy. My volunteer work includes: Director of Education and Product Development with Express Igbo 501c3, Vice President of Nefer Rohu, Liaison with Friends of the Congo 501c3, mentor with NAACP Student Theatre Outreach Program, and Registration Assistant with United States Black Chambers, Inc.; in which I was privileged to attend a press conference in the White House during Barack Obama's term. I also have campaigned and canvassed for Black political candidates, most notably, Albany's first female Black Judge, Helena Heath Roland, and had the privilege of attending a fundraising dinner featuring honored guest, President GoodLuck Jonathan of Nigeria. I am of Igbo descent from my dad, and African American descent from my mom; I have experienced different ways of life through travel to several different countries.