About me

DiasporAfri is the celebration of  the Global African Diaspora to include people of African, African-American, and Caribbean Descent all over the world. Birthed in 2016, the journey began in 2010. At DiasporAfri, Ndidi Love celebrates the cultures, customs, and contributions that the people of the Global Black Diaspora have offered to the world. DiasporAfri combines educational excerpts, motivational performances, entertaining videos, and inspiring interviews that shed positive light,

Ndidi Love is a Motivational Entertainer. Having perfected her motivational skills as an educator in the United States and overseas; she went on to do motivational presentations, and write motivational speeches for audiences of all ages. Having earned her Master’s Degree in Africana Studies in 2013, her Bachelors in Sociology, and her Associates in Criminal Justice, she combines her passion for celebrating Black people and culture, justice for the Black diaspora, and her love for understanding people, to motivate, educate, and uplift. She has always had a special interest in the lives of Black people since she was a young child; a sociologist at heart, she takes the time to connect the dots between cultural traits and similarities throughout the Black Diaspora. As a Case Manager, she developed her skill of motivational training where her calling was solidified when she realized that most people are living in the identity that was given by society, rooted in discriminatory thinking. Being of Nigerian and African American descent, she has experienced both sides of the identity crisis that the Global Black Diaspora faces. She now works to help individuals identify themselves based on their God given qualities, and helps them break barriers that society has created. During Quarantine, Ndidi Love took it upon herself to create a presentation for all members of Congress and the Senate on behalf of the needs of the African American population, and was successful in contacting 523 while meeting with 23 and reaching 70+. Ndidi Love is determined to help everyone live a life free of what others think; focusing On what God thinks instead!

The work of DiasporAfri includes interview series such as Diasporans Making A Difference, and, How Has Your Culture Shaped You?,  along with a series of inspirational and funny videos to educate our audience on important topics. Check them out here!

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