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Don’t doubt Black people

laughing black male colleagues clasping hands in excitement together

If I doubt the capabilities of Black people, I am doubting myself. I cannot claim to believe in my people and doubt their capabilities. Supporting black businesses is supporting generations, supporting black ideas is supporting generations. Ideas don’t have to fit your mold, if we all act out our ideas it plays out better for the collective than everyone doing the same thing. Don’t you know? part of revolution is being exactly who you were called to be, when part of the destruction has been making us doubt ourselves. The first key to freedom is confidence, and that confidence is best played out by being yourself and encouraging others. Y’all know how I am, micro to macro; the macro is built when the micro is building. Catch me! Do the work and understand everything I am saying for yourself.

Don’t doubt Black people, if the idea is an idea you’ve never heard before, that’s because you weren’t supposed to, it was meant for that person, and meant for you to encourage them and help them play it out. If you cannot, don’t discourage, ask questions, unless the idea involves harm and chaos of course, don’t support trauma. Speaking of that, our ideas should be wholesome and to an extent bringing healing. I’m a lyricist, what some may know as a rapper, but I do my best to say things in a way that doesn’t bring destruction, my mind functions in positivity anyway. I understand entertainers entertain, but when it comes to promoting violence and things amongst our own people, it’s just not necessary, so if your friend has a powerful voice and using it to sell destruction, tell them it’s not needed; that’s not discouragement, that’s constructive criticism to help them become better at something they’re already good at.

Listen, we don’t have time to be tearing each other down. I’m realistic, and I don’t believe we have to agree with everything. But our time is better spent supporting what we like instead of tearing down everything. Sometimes I feel that, because of Black people’s overall trauma, Black people who put our ideas on the line face more backlash than anyone in the world. There is no satisfying. For me to even put out my ideas everyday, I have to fully believe in myself (I’m glad I do), because people will always not be satisfied. I understand that many love what I do, and I understand that those who do support are always pleasantly surprised, because I put my best energy and intention. I find that people who support are following their dreams themselves. Those who don’t support anyone or tear down, are usually not following their own dreams. Support doesn’t always mean spending money. It can mean encouragement, sharing, and spending money. Doing what you can to bring positivity and leaving it alone if you cannot. Don’t wait for someone else to believe in the person either, be original. As for me, I don’t need validation to like what I like.

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