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How Has Your Culture Shaped You? Ft. Dr. Talawa Adodo #TeamworkThursdays

In this “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” interview, Dr. Talawa Adodo, Africologist and linguist talks about his Jamaican culture, Pan-Africanism, and how we should reframe our minds as Africans. I enjoyed his perspectives, and I am sure everyone will learn so many new things by listening to him so eloquently state his research and beliefs. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! You can connect with Okunini Talawa on or at Connect with Ndidi Love at to support, buy items, and read educational, uplifting content. Twitter: @EmpressAdaeze, @DiasporAfri_LLC Instagram: @Ndidi_Love SoundCloud: DiasporAfri_LLC YouTube: DiasporAfri, LLC Find more interviews done by Ndidi Love, here. Enjoy!

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