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Words are Loud, Actions are Louder

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Don’t listen to people who always tell you what not to do, listen to the people who show you what to do….

There are teachers, and there are people who have opinions. Complaining isn’t wrong, but there are professional complainers. I know you’ve heard “there are people who have problems for every solution”, and that’s true. Living by example has always been the best way, and in the times of actual need, watching what those people actually do. I can say I’m solid, and I speak to people from a place of actual doing. Understanding the problem is necessary, and it is ok to complain about something that affects you or your community, but there are people who will always point out the problem with no solution for a better way. They will also reject any solutions, not even having tried any solutions themselves. I find that when I give examples of solutions, professional complainers will complain that the examples will not work, until I say it worked for me on a micro level, then they will say “that’s you, we need everyone to be like that”, Instead of saying, “I’ll try that”, they deflect to say the whole population needs it, dismissing that individual efforts make collective efforts stronger.

Telling people what not to do is not useful unless you tell them what to do. Example: a baby always hears no, but never given redirection, that baby will continue to do what they know, because they have no other way. The difference between teachers/leaders, and people who are just well-informed is in the actions. Actions will always prove to be more beneficial in leading people on the right path. Whether a person is silent or loud, strong or timid, their actions are what determine their character. I find that a lot of people have just the right amount of language to sound good, but they’re not really saying anything. I’m not trying to take away anybody’s voice, I’m just saying, if you want to know who to watch, watch those that give you a solution to work with.

Especially when it comes to beliefs and religions, there is no amount of talking and teaching that will change someone’s spirit, people have to try things for themselves. Again, people have to try for themselves, which is why I don’t believe in 1 leader, especially in a church setting, or mosque setting, or in movements. We must empower each other to do the right thing, and allow people the option to choose. Again, talk about your experiences. A lot of people talk from experiences they never had, but that leads to lack of accountability. When a person gives their own account, it increases accountability even for those who are listening, otherwise a bunch of non-experienced people are conversing about something they have never tried. We need more people to actually hold themselves accountable to the work, so that it can inspire others to do so.

I have done the work and have created a class that helps people decolonize their minds from the thinking that has hindered us. This journey took 10 years, and I created a step-by-step process that will allow people to shorten the time. I talk about every aspect of my mind that was transformed, and how that leads to the path of peace, and creating unity amongst one another as Black people, to make change. Join me! Check out the details here, or by clicking below, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Words are Loud, Actions are Louder

  1. So true. I hate pessimistic people that always look for the bad in something. They only tell people they can’t do something because they are unafraid too! Speak positivity into existence. Great post!

    1. Right on, Thank you!

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