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Remember when I Contacted all 523 Members of Congress and the Senate?!

So, as of August 31, 2020; I have contacted all 523 members of Congress and the Senate, by phone, following up with many by e-mail to formally present and submit my 4 page presentation addressing the African-American community… Here are the numbers of the results so far:

Formal Meetings: 7 (5 by phone, 2 by zoom…. 5 out of my state)
Informal Meetings: 14 (all major points submitted by phone)
Full PDF presentation requested by member/e-mailed: 10
Meeting agenda requested: 4
Invitation to further meetings: 7 (one invited me to join the women’s council of the district)
Actual contact with an office/response from representative: 64
Strong opposition from member w/o meeting: 2 (very exciting)
Future meetings: Being scheduled everyday still!
I sent that message out in August 2020, since then, I have been doing other works on my own. You see, I recognize that many talk, and few walk. Will you continue the journey? Every initiative starts with a step, micro to macro. Enjoy!

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