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NEW ITEM Added to SALE! and Holiday lessons.

Hello All! As we think about the holidays and traditions, we must remember that it was always a tradition for African people to gather around and celebrate year round. Life itself called for celebration. When being forced into the Americas and the world outside of Africa, Black people maintained that. Did you know that the family reunion tradition was started by Freed Africans after slavery ended, to connect with family, pass on traditions, and speak life into the next generation? Yes! This is what happened. If you notice the people who hype up “thanksgiving” the most are black people because we are a communal people. I think for us it’s not as much about the “holiday” but just another reason to come together and eat good food. This should be the norm but colonization individualized us, over time. Remember, colonization is a system and a mindset. Decolonizing our minds would actually mean getting back to communal traditions that helped us survive. I’m talking to myself too!

Well, I’ve added the “Solid As A Rock” Waist Beads to the BLACK EVERYDAY Sale, as a reminder that we as a people are solid as a rock! We have the opportunity, as we always have, to revive traditions. Purchase these as a gift to yourself or a lady friend as a reminder of her strength. Use code ‘BLK Evryday’ for 20% off and free shipping!

Have a wonderful “holidays” with your family!

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