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Hello All! Black Friday is coming, and Black Friday is the day after “thanksgiving” when people shop and get half off, even 75% off deals for expensive products. Well, here at DiasporAfri, LLC, it’s Black EVERYDAY! We celebrate the best parts of us, every day, and we don’t need a specific day. Therefore, I am selling the RBG items for 20% off now through November 30th! RBG stands for Red, Black, and Green; the Pan-African liberation colors, as well as the Biafran (Igbo) colors. These products represent liberation, and you’re also helping me provide classes for children free of charge. join the cause, and look great! My favorite is the RBG Queen and King set, it represents where it all begins, unity between Black woman and man, to create the generations we want to see. Everything starts with Black Love! I wrote a tweet the other week that stated “if the world started in Africa, that means Black Love started the world”… people may argue over the worlds origins before pangea (when the world split up into different continents), but all roads lead to Africa as the origin. Let’s face it, Black love is generational!

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