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Warrior, I know it’s rough out there sometimes, but let me assure you, there is always a solution. I want to let you know that I have created solutions for the mind and spirit that I have used as an educator but also based on Black humanity. There are so many things that have been taken away from us, and those very things directly tie to our identity. TOMORROW, come learn how owning our identity will directly impact our inheritance, for only $5!!! Register here! Oh, did I tell you? DiasporAfri will be 1 tomorrow as an LLC! Happy Birthday to my baby!!!!!

Over the past year, DiasporAfri has touched lives through webinars, handmade jewelry, and uplifting blogs. January was my first Webinar, and March was my first product sold. You all have helped grow my audience significantly, and I am grateful for each of you. At the beginning of this year, I had 30 followers on Twitter, now I have 1600, where the majority of my interactive audience is found. On my blog, you guys have helped me grow to 1700. My audience is unapologetically Pan-African, and is actively bringing African values back into the Global Black Diaspora. I will always stay true to my Africanness, and engage people with African content that expands the worldview. We are actively moving out of european worldview, and it is good to see! Thank you all, and join me tomorrow!

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