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Be Authentic: #SoulfulSundays

Melanated Gem, do you know that you were created for a purpose? Everyone says that, but let’s get a bit deeper. Do you know that the very curl of my hair, width of my nose, volume in my voice, quirk in my personality was created to reach the very people I was supposed to reach. I see so many Melanated Gems complain about features that were downplayed by the very people who created false beauty standards, but literally, you are beautiful. Beauty is best worn in confidence. You literally look at yourself, and tell yourself that you are the best version of yourself because it is uniquely you. Not because it’s in comparison to anyone else, but because it has a very reason why it is that way. I love myself so much that I can’t wait to have a daughter to look and act just like me, however, she’ll have her own purpose too. I see a lot of internalized oppression that reveals itself in colorism, mistreating darker women because the Black woman’s body is the most policed and disrespected, etc., that’s the reality. People associate dark with manly and aggressive, so they are comfortable mocking and tearing down darker women. The same with Black men, they are seen as strong and tough, so people feel it’s ok to treat them all the same, according to society, they are not allowed to have emotions. We as Black people are seen as beings without feelings, and after 401 years sure we’ve become desensitized, right? Not at all, we are still gifted, crafty, intellectuals who shape the world, and we need no validation. I’m here to tell you to take your power back and literally find the strength to see yourself for all the good you are. You validate yourself. Even if someone comes back around and says the opposite, they are telling you more about themselves than you. Be yourself, why? Because the people you are supposed to reach are depending on you. You are depending on you. Imagine living a whole life and never appreciating who you are because of a mere human who got here the same way you did. A human who is going to their own home, their own purpose, their own self hate – that has nothing to do with you. Once you embrace the very part of you that is harmless and authentically you, then you will discover that it is all part of the purpose of uniquely being you. The laugh, the walk, the harmless thoughts, are your gift to the world. There are loud leaders, and there are silent leaders, Obama led with calm, Malcolm led with boisterousness, but they reached who they were supposed to reach, and so will you! Check out this video I did a couple of years ago on this very subject, enjoy!

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