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Know your worth!

I never said I’m better than anybody, I just know who I am. If you feel the need to tell yourself the greatest things about yourself everyday, do that! If you tell yourself you’re the best to ever, then you are! Who’s going to say different? Our words are power. Our words create. Everyday we are moved by words. When the government uses fearful words, people move in fear. Not me though! Because I declare powerful words. The power of my positive words over my life allows me to not walk in fear of others words. Understand the power of words.

The power of words is also knowing that, what you put out there is a reflection of you. If you speak negatively over other peoples lives on a regular basis, that’s only a reflection of how you speak about yourself. Knowing your worth means helping others know their worth as well. If you have not offered love, then the first step is to love yourself, to be able to offer love. Speak love and joy into yourself and others each day, understanding that sadness and troubles may come, but it is not the end road.

When you know your worth, you do not accept the bad words from others, you correct people, you put haters in their place. You place high value on yourself not just monetarily; but mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You come at a high cost, not just anybody can get to you. You command respect!

Check this out, I don’t curse, and I don’t tell people I don’t curse, they just pick up on it. Suddenly, people are apologizing to me for cursing around me, when I haven’t even judged them or asked them to stop. Understand this, knowing your worth will unknowingly begin to change people around you, because your worth is more radiant than any negativity.

Have a good day.

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