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Balanced African Lifestyle

One thing about me, if it’s a celebration, I’m turning UP. Have any of my readers been to Africa or from Africa? Everything is a celebration; babies first steps, weddings, birthdays, funerals, and everything. When I say celebration, I mean turn up! Nothing small o, at least in my experience. That’s African, we are a celebratory people.

Have you ever been to a Black event in general? Heck, when the sun comes out after a long winter, that’s a celebration. We are always more hype in comparison to other events, it’s just what we bring to the world. As I’ve always said, every group of people is meant to bring something unique to the world.

It’s ok to be balanced; be a warrior, fighter, lover, celebrator, rester, etc. It’s not mandatory to be serious all the time just because you are an activist, enjoy life as much as you can!

An African life is a free, fulfilled, enjoyed life. Time & place my friends, time & place…

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