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Continue the Legacy…. Or Create A New 1.., #SoulfulSunday

I get hit with this a lot so I have to address it, but as an educator, I educate, so follow me. DiasporAfri, LLC is my business. As a community, there is this weird habit of assuming that your business is nothing if it hasn’t garnered 6 figure wages in 2 months, lol. Also, if you’re not displaying what you have, then people assume you don’t have it. I remind people that a lot of big businesses we see are built with reparations money, yes, reparations money paid to slave owners when “freeing” the slaves. I say that because I get compared to those businesses, like Amazon, or other businesses. I’m confused; granted, all the critics haven’t started their own businesses, so I get it. I’m the type of person who moves with integrity, yes, my business is a reflection of me, I’m not going to fluff anything to make you buy it, I’m not going to make up lies, I let the reviews speak, and they are great. I realize though why people have this mindset, it really comes from a place of lack, not insulting anybody but, lack begets lack, when people have a lack mindset, they don’t see past that, so every glass they see is half empty.

Do you know that investors don’t even invest in businesses until it has been in business 2 years? I haven’t even made a year yet. I knew going into business that exclusively creating something for my people would be met with resistance. I understood it, because many people capitalize on our pain, on our resources, and bamboozle us for “wealth”. I understood people had to trust me first, I understood we have an issue where we have a hard time supporting each other. I still decided that I want to do it.

I move on character, not $ signs. I’m old money, I say that not to brag, but I have a lack of excitement for material overpriced things, I’ve always been like that. Im grateful for the legacy I have been given, but an important part of my legacy is doing something different to change the trajectory of the bloodline. I’m unimpressed by this colonial structure. I’m fighting for a different legacy, and I have the space to do that, so I take advantage of it. I don’t have the same support others have, I have no excuses either, I know based on the trajectory of my life that all things I was created to do, I’ll do, and it will impact many. Many won’t understand, and that’s fine. I am in this structure, but not of it – I often feel like I’m from a different galaxy, where are the other humans who care about humanity? I like to look good, and have what I need, but I often want to look good on my own terms, and my needs are based on my humanity. Therefore, I create what I can for humanity – black humanity. It may not be everything that everyone needs, but, it’s my piece. I’m so content with my piece of offering to the world, that I don’t overdo it, and everything I have to offer is not for sale.

Is it necessary to purchase and buy things to show your income level? No. Is it necessary to overdo it to show you have a flourishing business? No. Sure, as Black people, we are a people who comes from great wealth overall, but we were wealthy with our resources, and our materials that were rich in value, we wore it proudly because it represented our cultures, along with being visibly beautiful. For me, I could never wear Gucci proudly, because it has nothing to do with me. I’d rather take my money and build something for my people. I realize I’m doing it the long way, but I can’t live any other way, my mind is wired to create something for my people. Well, the final plan you all will never know, until it’s here. Until then, I give you something for the soul, I give you something for the heart, I give you something that will never be valued by what I have, but what I can give.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with chasing after money if you choose, but don’t look for it in me, you’ll never find it. As long as I’m at peace of mind, with what I need, then what I do with my things is my business. My business is DiasporAfri, LLC. I provide quality products to give something meaningful to my people, until I can provide the next thing. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk, her name is Tedwina.

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