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How to Properly Gatekeep Black Culture

When I worked at a Jewish daycare (as part of americorps), I was told I can’t touch the food because it will become unholy. That’s how we should gatekeep black culture, just because you’re here, don’t mean you invited.

I see, especially with the N word – a word I don’t believe should be used at all – being defended by non-black people all the time. Their excuse is that they grew up around black people, so what? Another lame excuse is that Black people use it, well, there are many aspects of culture that are only used by the owners of those cultures, it gives us no right to use it. Ok, some Black people have taken on the N word and changed it to mean a term of endearment, fine, that’s up to US to choose though! Everyone has closed their cookouts to outsiders, and for good reason, every aspect of culture is not shareable. Some things are just not meant for outsiders, and that’s ok. When I was told I cannot touch the Jewish food, even though I was helping the children learn how to read, I did not argue, why? Because that’s their culture and belief. All I say is, we should be the same way, proudly. These cultural blueprints have been left for us by our ancestors for our outcomes, when we downplay them or let them become public ridicule – or public consumption for capital – it upsets the flow of our culture. Not everything is for sale, and not everything is for everybody, and that’s ok!

Have you ever asked yourself why Jews and whites own the corporations that sell out black peoples “culture” for money and fame, by utilizing our talents to sell horrible messages to our community? Why aren’t they doing it with their own cultures? Why aren’t they selling Jewish insults, the equivalent of the N word, for fame, through their music and media? Why aren’t they exposing their women, calling them b words in their own music, yet make themselves billionaires by doing it with our music? If it’s that marketable, why not sell out your own people? Because it’s a form of modern day slavery, that’s why. Make the whites rich on black talent, resources, cultural appropriation, etc. You have to ask yourself these questions, because it is a billion dollar industry, mostly funded by Black culture. Have you read most gossip blogs? They are mostly filled with black culture gossip. With our Black cultures, it’s up for ridicule and sale, but with their white and Jewish cultures, it’s holy and protected. Well darn it, my culture is holy too!

It is necessary to correct people who are not part of Black culture on the proper ways to conduct themselves when handling black culture. Too many of us joke around with special, important parts of culture. There is enough to laugh and joke about, but when we know our history and stand on it, we will not allow just anyone to have a say, and a joke. I don’t see Asians or any Jews joking around on very important parts of their culture, with them it’s considered sacred. Especially when it comes to spirituality, these African traditions were held on by our ancestors, and used as essential tools for revolt and liberation. When I hear radio show hosts joking about Haitian Vevé (spirituality also known as voodoo) in a time when Haitians are being mistreated, it is not funny to me.

I remember when Jeannie Mai, a host on ‘The Real’ stated that she likes her “dark meat on the side, white meat keeps her lean” when asked about dating black men (at the time she was married to a white man). I watched it real time, I saw it, and the reactions of the Black co-hosts. She didn’t take it back, she doubled down, and it was surprising to me as someone who is always talking about her Asian culture. Years later, she is dating rapper Young Jeezy, now married to him, and said, in a clip I saw, that Jeezy has to remove his shoes when he enters her house, respecting her Asian culture. So again, the same people who will disrespect our culture, will demand respect of theirs. Referring to black men as “meat on the side” should have had her access removed from the black community, and what makes it sad is, Jeezy defended her! He said “she grew up around black people, she listens to E-40 (blah blah blah)”. When will we respect ourselves enough to not accept such behavior. The society sees black people as meat to be slaughtered everyday, I don’t take her comments lightly at all, and would never even think to befriend or date someone who referred to my people in that way, the cookout is closed!

So I challenge everyone today, if you haven’t already, to read up on African and Black culture, and the meanings behind many aspects of our culture. I have written 10 years of blog posts on this website, search “culture Tuesdays”, or “culture Wednesdays” in the search at the bottom of the website. Read up on some culture, ask your parents and grandparents to teach you. Hold on to your pride, and correct people when they get it wrong. Remember, small resistance builds over time.

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