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Do It the Black Way!

young black men with dreadlocks standing near building entrance

I try to tell people, you don’t have to do anything as it pertains to changing who you are for society; you don’t have to code switch, straighten your hair, be careful what you say, or anything. Consistent resistance in small and large forms is how you take power away. People underestimate what small resistance does. I watch as people comply to society’s white standards without even being told, because they assume the opposite will result in chastisement. Let me be clear, it can result in a negative reaction from whites, but I found that even in that, our resistance is protected by the ancestors, something higher than us. Yes, I’ve had negative reactions to my actions, for doing it the black way and not conforming, but greater opportunities have come out of it each time, and I was always protected. It’s literally the most innocent act to be yourself and act out your culture in various ways, that’s what makes earth spicy. When we do something with the right spirit, it is always rewarded, always!

I see so many people concerned about the most minuscule things: eating chicken, eating watermelon, eating African food – all in front of white people. I say, “are you serious?”, so food, that nourishes our body, just like every human in the entire world eats, is somehow a threat to whiteness? I kid you not people, I’ve had this conversation more times in my life than I’d like to admit. A lot of times, it was other black people criticizing me for eating something African, or not appealing to whiteness in the presence of whites, or, people telling me they don’t eat certain foods at work in front of whites. What kind of plantation behavior is this? Just eat your food! Why is every little thing evaluated in the eyes of whiteness? And people will literally try to convince you that there is a certain way to be around white people. I’m like, “wow”. I have no words. To live in fear over the thoughts of white people is madness. Imagine, I’ve gone even farther than eating chicken, to actually stand up to injustice, the black way. That means that those who choose alfredo over chicken in the face of whiteness wouldn’t dare stand up tp injustice that affects a whole nation.

You’ve got to rewire your minds. These people, came to earth and their encounter with everyone on earth has been to steal, kill, and destroy; stop giving them power to judge your every move. If you want to wear your hair a certain creative way, wear traditional clothes, eat Nigerian food, or use Ebonics, do it! I had a training at a job where the white people were using black vernacular to emphasize certain points. Non-white cultures are only valued by whites when they feel they can appropriate it, don’t be mad when they appropriate our styles that you chose to downplay to appeal to them. Abeg, don’t fall into the 400 year trap, be yo self!

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