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Global Reparations

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We need to be fighting for reparations globally from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, U.S., etc. All arguments of who deserves reparations more is useless. We need a United global fight! Africa and her stolen children were all tortured, Africa and all her stolen children need each other. The United Kingdom, in 2018 and 2020 admitted that they stole the majority of Africa’s resources that are in the UK museums, and proposed to Africa to let the various nations borrow them back. How foolish! Imagine the gaslighting, imagine going to someone’s house, stealing their items, and asking them to borrow them back, you would be in jail, nobody would ever accept that in real life, so the idea that Africans would accept such subpar, insulting proposal is preposterous. The sad part is, Nigeria considered it. What if the rest of us outside Nigeria advocated with them to not allow such foolishness?

My people, my people, we need each other in this fight. African Americans need continental Africans; Caribbean’s need African Americans, Black people in the United kingdom need Caribbean’s, and replace any of those with any Black population, we need each other. Any victory amongst us should be celebrated by all, and any attack against us should enrage us all. We need to understand that all colonizers are the same and they united with one another to oppress and suppress Africans when it was time. Yes, at one point, various colonizers hated each other, but when it came time to oppress Black people, they teamed up to be stronger in number. Well, I see a lot of subdivisions amongst Black people, and I actually have no problem with them. I mean, I wish we would all recognize ourselves as African, but I’ve made myself clear, as long as we are all liberating in our own way that leads to the liberation of all, do you. I see FBA, ADOS, PanAfrican, etc. Then on the continent we have colonial made countries, who sometimes speak the same language, that are fighting each other (ex. Rwanda and Burundi, Ethiopia and Eritrea). For some reason, you can’t tell them they are the same, but it’s literally colonialism and the fight over Africa’s resources that divided them. There are so many subdivisions amongst blackness, and if you feel strongly about what you believe, then you should believe, but none of it matters if we cannot unite for the greater purpose of our people. Why can’t FBA collaborate with PanAfricans while maintaining their beliefs, and vice versa? Why can’t Christians collaborate with Muslims, and vice versa? If all beliefs should be for the greater good, then it should inspire, not divide. Just like colonizers collaborated when they realized their power in numbers against a divided people, now is the time to collaborate, despite differences, as Black people all over the world, to unite against the divided people. White inferiority is in shambles right now, they are back to arguing over their false sense of supremacy, and they can’t get it together over major issues, which is normal, but now the veil is off. If we are to unite, this is the time. I personally don’t give a care about what you believe in, for me, it’s about character. I’ve worked side by side people who had a heart for black people, without believing the same thing: which I talk about in my Decolonize Your Mind class.

So, if we were all stolen from the same land, and impacted the same way, why are we arguing about beliefs and lineage? I always say, when we argue about these things, we are doing the colonizer’s work. We must do the work of restoration. We must treat “Haiti’s” colonizers the same as “Congo” colonizers, they are both French. The colonizer of “Nigeria” is British as well as the colonizer of “Jamaica”. All of us are here in the United States due to all colonizers. One may say that on the continent, they did not experience slavery, it is a lie. There was violence committed against all continental Africans, languages wiped out, structural adjustment programs (SAP’s), forced division, wars caused over resources, names changed to fit colonizer’s idea of “civilization”, genocides, resource theft, brainwashing, and education systems that benefit Britain, France, etc. Why do we celebrate independence in Africa if it was always free? I know that each group wants to feel superiority over the other group, but fighting over which colonizer did more and bragging that a colonizer did less to one than the other is absolutely ridiculous; it should enrage us all. Wake up people!

I will never forget one useless girl that told a Chinese girl, in front of me, that Ghanaians are more civilized than Nigerians because they were colonized by the British. I sad “fool, both were colonized by the British, but anyway, why are you bragging about being colonized?” There’s nothing wrong with being a proud Jamaican, Nigerian, or African-American, we should all have pride, but never let it make you feel like you have something more than another stolen African, we are all we got in this world. When we fight, we fight together. When I went on my virtual tour last year, contacting every Senator and Congress member in the United States, Meeting with 23 and reaching 70+, I wrote out a 4 page plan for African Americans that included reparations, however, I advocated for the U.S. to hold their allies accountable for reparations for Africa and the Caribbean; just like the “Jews” received reparations from the US, France, and Germany for the holoc*ust. It’s that simple, whoever had a hand in the torture of Africans has to pay up, and when I say Africans, I mean everyone who belongs to the continent by origin or by forced removal; you can’t take our origins away from us.

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