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There is Space for Everyone’s Blackness

There is space for everyone’s Blackness. Remember, before we were brutally stolen from our land, there were many tribes, there wasn’t a singular way of life. Although we multiplied our culture to ensure our survival in any area we were in, it was a testament to our magicalness, to be celebrated. We must uplift the various parts of us, even if 1 way seems dominant, it does not erase the other, just as magical parts. We each need each other, there is nothing to be threatened by, only something to be strengthened by.

Our Blackness should intertwine, us coming together should represent our origins. Us dividing only represents our enslavement, division was given to us by design. Whether boujie, ratchet, upper class or lower, at a point we must intertwine to get back to balance. If your sister is suffering, help her, with uplifting words and not terror. Yes, she can be loud and ratchet, and it’s ok, her character is more than enough if she has the ability to treat you right.

Well, what’s your Blackness? And how can it match with another’s Blackness? Celebrate!

2 thoughts on “There is Space for Everyone’s Blackness

  1. Love it family, and I have a question: what if certain communal spaces do not celebrate your type of blackness?

    1. Honestly, it’s sad, but I believe in being what we want to see and hopefully changing the environments, I know exactly what you talking about. I believe it comes from mistrust. There’s enough of us to change it.

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