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Celebrate Yourself!

Celebrate yourself at all times, whether you have or you don’t have. You’ll find that when you celebrate yourself, you’re more likely to accomplish your goals. Energy begets energy. When you’re hard on yourself, you’ll find it harder to accomplish your goals because you’re looking at everything as half empty instead of half full. Besides colonizers and thieves, do you know what most peacefully successful people have in common? They believed in themselves even when times got hard.

People think I am special, I am, but people think I just have a special thing that they don’t have which is why things go my way. I don’t have anything more than what anyone else has, mind wise, we all have words and a brain, we can wire our brains to be positive. What I notice about these people who say that I’m special and have something others don’t is that they are usually pessimists; and trying to get them to see the positive is very hard. If you wonder why I am content, and I say things will go my way, and it does, it’s simply because I am an optimist who celebrates myself. Of course I pray everyday, and speak into the Universe how things will go, I don’t ask, I command. Instead of just asking for protection, I say “I ask for protection and to teach me how to protect myself”. Instead of just asking for victory, I say “I ask for today to be victorious, today will be victorious, and teach me how to be victorious”. If things don’t go a particular way, I don’t mark that as the end point, I look at that as a roadblock that I’m moving out of the way until it goes my way, so then the prayer becomes, “teach me how to be victorious over this roadblock”, and it works! It must be in alignment with my purpose of course. People assume there’s things I want, like a record deal, because I make music. I do not want a record deal, I like performing my music and poems for people and touching real people; enough artists have told stories of the industry that I’m not interested in. That’s no reason to think I’m lacking because I have no record deal, I get what I want, not what I don’t want.

So how can you possibly think that I’m special but the thing that I do, you are not willing to do? I celebrate other people, no matter if they are “ahead” or “behind” me or not. I celebrate people based on what and where they want to be. I don’t discourage anybody out of their dreams, and I help in ways I can. I celebrate myself and everyday I wake up and tell myself how great I am and that I am the greatest of all time. Then I believe it, then I live it in a world that always will say the opposite about me. I am not less likely because I am a Black woman, my blackness is an impediment to white society, I don’t live my life judging myself by what white people think. I live my life according to my design and the white people that get in the way get cast out too. Remember I won a victory 2 weeks ago against my apartment complex? Yea, that leasing manager hasn’t been back since. So again, I live in an African mind that says I am everything I’m supposed to be and I create balance with my part of life. That’s it.

Celebrate yourself!

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Yourself!

  1. Peace family, I’m proud to virtually know you! Lol, You’re very inspiring, this message definitely hit me in the spot where I wasn’t expected to be hit. Thanks!

    1. Wow that’s awesome! glad to know you too. I mean, I just live to inspire, I really want us to believe in ourselves the way we do those of the past. I’m
      So glad it hit you!!!!

  2. It’s important to celebrate yourself, and yes you attract others to celebrate with you. You never know who’s looking at you and how you respond to little or big goals. It’s all about being inspired and inspiring others😊

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