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Purpose over profession

I can tell you who I am without naming a profession. Encourager, confidant, warrior, leader, teacher, prayer warrior, terrorizer of white inferiority, liberator, creator.

Focus on purpose rather than profession. Your purpose will show up everywhere you are.

Identify your purpose then find professions that bring out your purpose at a maximum, that’s where you’ll most shine. Again, your purpose will show up anywhere but dumbing it down just for “security” of a profession is what leaves people miserable. For example, if your purpose is to bring justice, you’re more likely to lean towards professions such as lawyer or judge or activist. If you become a doctor, you may be miserable because you’ll notice all the injustice in the hospitals and want to make change, while someone who likes healing people may not even think of that, they just want to help heal people. Although, your role as a doctor can lead you to fight for medical justice, just don’t stay in that field too long and drain out your passion.

Your purpose is in you and active at all times, sometimes people who make bad decisions realize that once they start making good decisions, they had the same qualities after all. Example, a drug dealer who understands they’re a great business person. An example in my case, I have powerful words, there was a time in life when I was younger, I didn’t always use my words for good, they cut deep; but once I started using my words for good, they had the same impact.

Once you live in purpose, your role in this time will become clearer and clearer. You will start to judge people less, because you’ll realize, they are just living in their purpose too!

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