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Black People Don’t Need to be “Humbled”

The culture of trying to humble black ppl actually comes from slavery, “how dare you feel proud of accomplishing something, get back on the plantation!” It’s whipping Black people back into shape. I recently saw that Black people wanting to leave a plantation was considered a mental illness. I feel that way today, any sort of pride and elevation any Black person expresses is usually met with some resistance, “oh she’s boujie”, “she thinks she’s all that”, “she’s feeling herself”, “oh she got a little money now”, “she needs to humble herself, she’s not all that”… why? May I ask does she need to humble herself? She has grandmothers who lived in times where they couldn’t even walk with their head up because whites would consider it disrespectful. “Oh, that’s only in america, not Africa,” you say? Well why is light skin with an English name still forced upon me when I enter Nigeria? How dare I be proud of my Igbo name in Nigeria? I know people in Nigeria who think people are too dark skinned, and they want me to join along in making fun of them. Everything around us in this world is built to tear us down and make us feel bad about ourselves. Being yourself, accomplishing your goals, in a society built to hate you is worth telling everyone about. Be proud of yourself, don’t walk around as if you haven’t earned something, you have! There is not a future moment you are waiting on to be proud, be proud now! Do you know how many times people have said I inspired them, because I talk about accomplishments here and there, and gave them courage to step out on their own goals?

Humble, I believe, is not tearing other people down. When a person is accomplished, and uses that to tear down, feel better than, and mistreat people, that is not humble. What I do, and others, is lift people up along with us and make sure everyone around us feels good. You ever seen me in a room full of people? I’m like a walking compliment machine. Why? Because when I see my people I see in them what I see in myself, greatness! Telling the world of your accomplishments is a great thing, as long as you inspire others to achieve their accomplishments. Stop trying to humble Black people, stop trying to make us feel bad for having something great. Stop trying to make us feel bad for having good parents. I know that a lot of Black stories have trauma, but that’s no need to tear down a person who doesn’t have as much trauma when they’re trying to lift you up. All Black people have the trauma of “western civilization”, so there’s that. We can only lift each other up to ensure the weight of “western civilization” is lessened.

So when you see a Black person shining, congratulate them. Don’t worry about them feeling themselves, we should! We came from the land of great wealth, we are used to nice things, it’s in our legacy. Slavery & colonialism was a moment, but it does not mean we started with lack, we started with great gain that was stolen, so we deserve to show off, heck, white people show off our goods everyday and we don’t try to humble them, let’s big up ourselves…

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