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Black and Loud

Black people have the loudest most influential voices, that’s why white people know that if they can get us to say it, we can change the world. Think about it, hip hop culture is very influential, and half the time, they are rapping about all of these white owned name brands, ex: Versace, Gucci, and whatever. I love hip hop and what it means to Black culture, but the shift that happened made it a walking advertisement for things that don’t benefit our community.

I notice that when even Black YouTubers get to a certain level, they start advertising for all these mainstream companies that sometimes affects their brands. You see a shift in how they talk since they’re being endorsed, and they will even say that they can’t talk about certain topics anymore or say certain things, their brand has to now benefit the brands they’re promoting, which doesn’t make sense. The white systems want Black people to be their mouthpiece, they know that we move culture with our words, made up words, movements, etc. that’s why you see all these commercials use OUR music, we are the worlds entertainment. Why do we say “bling”?, because Lil Wayne and Baby said it first, they even said, they wish they copyrighted it. Knowing this, brands try to use us for our influence, that’s why I say we must authentically use our voices to advocate for what’s important to us. We must never allow our mouths to be controlled to a point where we begin to promote a system that works to demote us. Half these corporations won’t even put a black person in their commercial or on their runway, but want to use black voices to promote their white owned products on black owned platforms so their black viewers can spend money. Don’t believe me? In 2020, Black people were 40% more likely to be swayed by an advertisement than any other race. They know how to target us.

So, be careful mates. Society knows our power, our voices are the loudest on the planet, let’s make sure we’re using our voices to bring attention to our needs and not the agendas of others. Say your authentic mind, you do not have to be a microphone for others. Isé.

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