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Just Start!

Im back! I’m finding a bit of balance here, but speaking of balance, my precious baby comes 1st, DiasporAfri that is. You see, I’m a starter, I like to finish, but I like to start to at least know I’ll finish. Now I’m ambitious, so I may think “oh, this’ll be 2 months”, when it will really be 10, but at least I start, and I learn as I go. I notice people are busy trying to figure out how everything is going to work when a lot of big achievements are learn and do. Obviously we need to gain some knowledge, research, and plan, but everything does not have to be perfect. The perfect moment is now! The obsession with perfection is western and monetary based, it is our actions and intentions that produce results. That’s why you see something that looks perfect in the outside (marketing), but produces bad results. A lot of it is selling you something that glitters, but it isn’t gold.

I am specific about my Melanated Gem products being handmade, and I have energy that I put into them. I believe products are also about energy and intention. I am providing something for my people, and in return they are providing something for me, but I am the provider providing an experience in this situation. A lot of times, I notice there is so much put into something looking good for a flyer, that the actual product doesn’t meet up. I am a person that exceeds the expectations of my customers, because I want them to feel the experience. I learn as I go, I focus on what customers like and work with that.

The idea came to you to do it, so do it. So many people say they should have done this and that, and there was nothing stopping them. I recently decided I’m going to try again for law school because I’ve been saying that it is a dream since I was a kid. The LSAT is the only thing that stopped me, I literally hate standardized tests, but I’m going to take it and get the tutoring this time to help. I could’ve done that before, but I didn’t. I realize there is a process to some things, but if you never start, you never find out, and it’s usually much easier than you thought. Change your mindset to good intentions, and you will find that the things you need to achieve what you want to achieve will appear to you. Make it up in your mind that you’ll start no matter what!

3 thoughts on “Just Start!

  1. Indeed family, change of mindset with the purest intentions always make the most out of everything! I had to peep the error in my own steps a week ago.

    1. Exactly! Yea I always try to hold myself accountable!

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