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Black people don’t owe the world our peace

In a world where Black people are literally mistreated by every group who follows the “example” of whites and how they have treated us; we don’t owe anybody anything. The world owes us respect, just like they demand respect for their various cultures. When a person treats me drastically different from those around me of a different race, then gets mad when I call them racist, I have news, your racist until proven innocent.

I am particularly tired of people telling Black people to “get over it” while simultaneously commemorating all major atrocities done against every other group. Looking at us sideways because they say we don’t know how to forgive. Well hello, if you were in a relationship and the person kept violating you, you would eventually stop forgiving them and move on, correct? Why is any different expected from Black people? So many cultures benefitted for the scramble for Africa, and benefit from the new scramble for Africa. When I say Africa, I mean all of Africa and her descendants. Our resources, gifts, vibe, and spirit is exploited by everyone for dollars. Look at how black women’s images are exploited on Amazon by Asian companies who have not asked to use their pictures, is any other group facing that? Did you all know about that? Disrespect is the norm when it comes to Black people in every sector, and we are not changing our stance about it unless you show otherwise. If you want to build a genuine relationship with a Black person, be trustworthy.

We don’t owe the government or any group who has historically mistreated us our trust, our peace, or anything else until this country and world shows us they are ready to give us the peace they’ve stolen. I don’t believe that will happen, but I’m believing we as black people will make it to a point of loving each other enough to not care. A people gets tired and weary, it’s the same toxic gaslighting relationship over and over again. I’ve separated myself from it, but I am not naive to move on from something and act like it doesn’t exist, my people are suffering. In a world where they say science rules, not everything can be proven scientifically, but our spiritual relationship with whites is drained. It’s a spirit thing, I have to muster up strength to even engage with white people to do everyday life things, and everyday they remind me why they are not worthy of my trust, hi, smile, or whatever. It is a business relationship that’s it. Everyone who does business with each other is not best friends. I go to Walmart and get what I need, I do not need white people in my face trying to force me into acts of friendliness that are not required to get this toothpaste, give it up already. I watch the world very closely, I have lived in 5 states and overseas, I can say this is something white people do to black people that they don’t do to anybody else! I will interact with who I want to interact with, respectfully, when I feel like it, until then, leave me alone, sigh.

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