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Morality or Control Issues?

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I get annoyed with some men honestly. I can argue that women do it too, but let’s face it, patriarchy persists. There are men’s species who are so against hoe culture, against women shaking their behind online, but will use their mouth to condemn and their eyes to consume. I have watched men condemn the very women they call on when looking for entertainment. Condemn women for having no morals yet posting the filth online, exploiting her. Tell me, what does it say about you if you consume what you hate? If you hate hoes and booty shaking, why are you the same person posting it my timeline and contaminating my eyes?

Are you guided by morality? Or control? Is the wrong only wrong for women but ok for you as a man to approve when you’re ready? If you stand against something, stand against it. If you enjoy women doing certain things, stand in it, and don’t condemn the women to look morally correct. I just get tired of some men judging every act that a woman does, especially black women, but when they’re looking for entertainment they turn to those women. If we know the history of this country, Black women get judged probably at least ten times more than other women for the same behavior, then use that as justification for mistreatment of those women or justification of why they should be considered part of the hoe class. Nobody puts the standards on women that they put on Black women.

I don’t trust a man who condemns women all day, it’s likely that he actually loves that type of woman. Also, I find that men who cheat, cheat with the women they condemn.

The end.

2 thoughts on “Morality or Control Issues?

  1. I think, honestly it is a controlling problem. Because morals go out the damn window once you can no longer fight temptation.

    1. Hhahaha. I feel you.

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