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Spirituality Requires Prayer!

photo of man wearing traditional clothes

My spiritual spiritual people; a lot of times, as we are Decolonizing Our minds from the brainwashing that has happened to us as a people, we start latching on to other things. I do not think that is a bad thing, it is good to be tried and tested and know what you stand on through trial and error. However, people must not forget that as we find our faithd, we cannot forget the core aspects of these practices.

I am a faith girl, no matter what situation you put me in, my faith leads to action. I at least try, and with it I pray for guidance. I’ll tell a story to help it make sense. I am a bit of a spoiled girl, but I have values and believe in finding out things for myself. Well, there was a time in life where I had a financial difficulty. I did not panic, because I have learned that panicking does nothing, and I live by the mantra that, “there is always a solution”. At the time the difficulty was me being able to pay my rent or not, up until that point I hadn’t paid rent late in my life ever. I had no gas in my car either, and I remember I was supposed to transfer some money so that it would be there and not cause an overdraft fee. I forgot to transfer the money and fell asleep, I woke up the next day and gbam! overdraft fee, which left me with less than I had. All I did was pray, “God, what is the solution, help me find a solution.” Suddenly, I had the image of my bass guitar come to my mind. I had a bass guitar, a piano, and a TV that was worth something. I suddenly had the idea to go and sell my guitar at the guitar center. Mind you I had no money plus an overdraft fee. I could’ve called for help, but I chose not to. I got in my car, took the guitar to the guitar center, and they gave me $30. I took $25 of that $30, put it in my car for gas, then took the other $5 and got something to eat. I was registered to drive for Uber and lyft at the time, even though I hadn’t driven in months, so I took my tank full of gas and drove uber and lyft for the next 2 days. Between those 2 days I made hundreds of dollars (thanks to them airport runs, plus I’m really nice so I always got nice tips and 5 stars). I still didn’t have exactly the amount I needed, so I sold my TV for $100, and that next month I paid my rent on the 1st. I wasn’t late, nobody would’ve ever known what happened. I continued to drive uber and lyft and eventually got a job shortly after that. But what did I do? I prayed and asked for a solution, then acted on that solution.

My Africana people, we always talk about African spiritualities and this and that, but I rarely see people activate the power of that in their lives. When the Igbo warrior women of the Aba Women’s riot overthrew the British imposed tax and laws, they used their spirituality and their physical force! So many people want to be on the front lines as warriors, but I never read of a slave revolt that didn’t include active spirituality, guidance, and prayers. A lot of our guidance comes from our prayers and our actions. Reading books and calling out the actions of oppressors doesn’t help as much as people think it does. The ability to rely on spirituality and action and all parts of our complex systems will guide us on this road to liberation quicker, and help us unify better. The reason I have overcome in many situations is through prayer and action. Prayer guides the action. That image of the guitar in my head, shortly after I prayed was the answer prayer. We are too busy looking for big signs and not looking to the small useful things around us. Liberation is often is in the big and the small, knowing your position and your tools is much more helpful than micromanaging everyone else’s. A small guitar that I only received $30 for, helped me pay rent. I hope you all are getting what I am trying to say here. Stop waiting for the revolution to be televised and use what you have. I could go on and on, I mean, last year, the company that I got my car from paid my car note and extended my warrantee from 1 year to 7 years, because I fought them hard about my Bluetooth not working all the time. Someone who works for the company said they never even heard of the company paying someone’s car note. Guess, what, I continued to pray, and act, and fight, and ask for crazy demands until I got it. But I don’t do anything without prayer, not even talk to you guys. If we are going to return to any spirituality, we will have to pray and act. imagine if everyone had a solution mindset, or enough of us did, we’d have reparations times ten!

Begin to pray my people, it does not have to be elaborate, but what I do every morning is pray that I show up in the world exactly how I was created to be, and I pray for situations to bring out my purpose, so that even if the situation seems troublesome, it is actually an answered prayer to be resolved with my purpose. You get?

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