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I May Be Learning from You, but You Ain’t Teaching!

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I can definitely learn from everybody, but everybody can’t teach me. You see, Melanated Gem, people are always teaching us, if you look carefully, you can always learn from someone’s actions whether you like them or not. You can always learn what to do and what not to do. I understand not everyone is a deep thinker, but for the deep thinkers, learning from all situations is imperative, however, our ability to learn from all situations and apply the knowledge makes us teachers. You see, there are people designed to teach, it’s in our words, our actions, and our influence. I can say that I know many people actively learn from me, but I am also a dedicated teacher. I live to empower minds and help people become their best selves. Having an opinion is natural and human, but it does not make you a teacher.

In the age of social media, which I love for Black people specifically, is that we get to have an opinion and tell our own stories. I love that telling our own stories has changed the narrative for many Black people, especially Africa. I say this because, Africans on the continent being able to show their lives and tell their stories has given people a different view of Africa. When I started posting pictures of my experience, all the Black people I knew who had negative views of Africa had instantly changed their minds. They just never knew that Africa was so filled with beautiful, regular everyday people who loved the same things they loved. However, apart from being able to tell our own stories, and having an opinion, all of these opinions should not inform us. There is a huge difference between an opinion that has been tried and tested and being dispersed to make change, and just talking to talk. most people who talk to talk, have not walked the walk. The reason I get so annoyed with social media and have to step back often is because, I’m too genuine, I actually believe, live, and have tried and tested what I’m saying. I know people can tell the difference, but being amongst so many uninformed opinions and people just talking to talk makes me feel like I’m cheapening my message, to be honest. That is why I now mostly post commentary that is not so influential, and leave the important commentary to my blog and my class, in my space, away from all the noise.

So today, are you going to be a teacher or a talker? I encourage those who have a passion to talk to really live what they say and live beyond the noise. Be a part of society that talks to uplift. I know I have strong comments about the history of white people’s actions in this country, but it is from an informed place, it is from a place of trying to liberate my people’s mind from thinking that they’re god and looking for their approval. I want them to focus on us and liberating us at this time. I speak to my people in a way that tries to get them to see reality. However, I live what I speak, I live what I teach, and I live to be an example, although I’m not perfect.

If you are a teacher, teach, if you have an opinion, don’t pose as a teacher. Be honest with yourself where you are in life, and let the teachers teach.

4 thoughts on “I May Be Learning from You, but You Ain’t Teaching!

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  2. This should be a podcast topic.

    1. Oh word? That’s true! Thank you! I’m bout to catch up on your posts too

  3. You’re welcome, and Yes ma’am it should. It’ll weed out certain ideas or beliefs; or you could make it a polling topic. Either way, “are you a teacher or talker?” Is a different type of question, leading to making sure people be more real with themselves about their words, thoughts, and behavior. Online is one thing, but real life? Is that a different story or the same?

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