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Follow the Roadmaps…

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Dear Black People, we can do it, it’s not a matter of just saying that, but pulling out the roadmap our ancestors left inside of us.

Listen, as we sit here, our ancestors are with us; guiding us, and letting us know the way to go. There is nothing that we cannot do, our ancestors may have not been successful in every revolt, but they successfully revolted. That fire inside you is the ancestors, they know you are their dream, you are to achieve what they laid the foundation for. At a point someone invented a chair, then another person came along and said I think this thing should roll, then someone else said, “hey! this thing should recline!” Did this all happen in the same generation? no, it happened over time. I don’t know why people quote ancestors, but don’t do the actions they did, a liberated mind is nothing without action.

I am the way I am because I know who I am, I know my ancestors stories, and I know what my ancestors have accomplished, especially Igbo women. I know what I can accomplish because if they did, I can, I am them. We must all think this way and act with faith. Don’t worry about it, it will work or not, half of the battle is acting, you never know until you act…

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  1. Acting is more than half the battle, because in action we are declaring our belief in ourselves and in our potential to be more. Our oppression is usually a matter of us being convinced that we have no chance to win. That we are not strong enough or there are not enough of us or some other reason why not. All these doubts are planted by the false imagery and propaganda we are taught represents reality. In fact what it represents is the idea of reality our enemies want us to accept and behave according to. Like chains with the links made out of construction paper, as long as we believe we cannot break them they will keep us restrained. The restraint is in our mind, not the chain. once we understand what our true power is nothing can prevent us from moving forward and coming together to realize our destiny as a great and proud people.

    1. Yes! I love this statement!

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