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We’re not here to get rid of racism

black man standing near counter at kitchen

I told you all I was not going to talk about white people anymore, and I meant it. I want to talk to us again, Dear Black People. I created this brand, DiasporAfri in 2016 to uplift and celebrate the Global Black Diaspora, also to teach us and empower us to our best abilities. It is not weird for us to be confident, even overly confident, some call it cocky; but as the brethren Kap said a few weeks ago, there’s no such thing as cocky, there are just levels of confidence not everybody can handle. As Black people, we have come from so much good, Africa, the land of wealth, the land of melanin, the land of ubuntu; our creativity has shaped cultures worldwide. We should focus on that – because we are not here to get rid of racism, we are here to empower ourselves.

We are not here to be seen and appreciated by white people, or Asians, or Indians or anyone else. Just as individually we must appreciate ourselves and not look for outside validation, that is what we need collectively. There is literally nothing that validation of our skin color and kindness can do for us, every united people takes what’s theirs. Let me give you an example because you all know I like examples. If someone comes to your house and steals your child and your items, you would be fighting that person and fighting to get your child back as well as your items. If the person who stole from you came to you and was being kind, you’d probably fight them, or curse them out, but you would most likely say, “I don’t care for your kind words, just give me my child and my items back”, whether verbally or physically. You wouldn’t be hoping that the person saw you favorable enough to give you back your child and your things, you wouldn’t be trying to act right in front of them to gain a favorable view in their eyes, you simply would fight. I know you, you would fight so don’t even sit here and lie, don’t say you would just forgive either. You would not forgive the person who came and boldly took your child and your items, and came back to you to taunt you and tell you they’re not giving it back. You see, the law has too much power in america; where the police would kill someone on sight, they’ll tell a person who has lost their child to kidnapping to just be patient and let police handle it. Where they would bomb a whole nation for allegedly attacking the twin towers, they will tell you to peacefully protest when they continue to mistreat us. My dear, we are not here to be kind to terrorists, we are here to shake up tables. Begin shaking abeg!

It is not our responsibility to pour all this labor of love into another race of people, if they want to cure their ignorance, let them, but how can we spend our whole lives trying to convince people that we are worthy, when a lot of us don’t even see it ourselves. It’s in the way we treat each other, it’s in the diaspora wars, it’s in the good hair vs. bad hair, light skin vs. dark skin, pick me vs. feminist, everything for us is a verzuz, lets leave that to Swizz Beats and Timbaland, we need to be finding what joins us together instead of finding more things that tear us apart. The work starts with us, for us. There is no way you would be trying to fix your next door neighbors marriage if yours was in shambles, be real my people, why are you so pressed to get white people to see you as favorable? I genuinely want to know, because no matter what we have done throughout all the years, they just find a new way to implement racism. However, I have seen people fight to be seen as favorable in the eyes of whites while all the Black Lives Matter statements from last year from corporations, as a result of the death of George Floyd, did not come to fruition. A report came out stating that a lot of money promised to businesses as a result of Black Lives Matter hasn’t been distributed, and I’m here to tell you that it never will. I wrote that in a blog post about that last year, warning people to not give in to the 400 year tactics. I warned people that this happens all the time, false promises nobody is going to free black people but Black people, undoing racism is not going to free us, because we can’t undo racism. I am an optimist and I am always the one to say what we can do, but the point is, we don’t need to undo racism, because it’s not important to our liberation. The Asians did not ask for a bill to undo racism against them, they demanded a bill protecting them from racist acts, there’s a difference, pay attention.

My dear brothers and sisters, you are patiently asking for liberation and protection from the very people who literally and I mean literally said that they will let Africa borrow back the artifacts that they admittedly stole from Africa. Like how the heck, you, white man, admitted that yes, we stole these artifacts and put them in our museums, but you can borrow it back, so long as you give it back. That’s wickedness. I was so upset at the Nigerian government for actually considering that nonsense, like really? What kind of docility is this, I should borrow my stolen items back? This conversation just happened last year people! What kind of madness are we allowing to happen? Every attack against any Black person or nation in the world should enrage us all, it’s not an African issue or a Haitian issue or an African American Issue, it is a Black issue that we should all be standing up against. When I called all 523 seated Senate and Congress members in 2020, met with 23 – 10 by zoom 13 by phone, and reached 70+ by email, I made sure to challenge them to hold their allies accountable to give reparations to African and Caribbean nations. Although I live in America, listen, these politicians have so many committees dedicated to affairs in other countries; they know what’s up, and what’s going on in other countries. We need to let them know that anything you do to them in Africa or Haiti, you are doing to me. In the midst of Diaspora wars, people are asking who can be an ally to Black people, even considering china. Abeg, African Americans ally is continental Africans, continental Africans Ally is Black Caribbean’s, Black Caribbean’s ally is black British, you get my point? We have enough of us in the world to be ally’s to each other in every way, we do not need to keep appealing to people who have hated us since they enslaved us, to suddenly see us as favorable, that is preposterous, but since I’m from New York I’ll tell you, that’s crazy my G!

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