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What White People Do is Not Our Frame of Reference #ForwardFridays

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“Well, this is how the white people do it”… how many times have you heard a Black person say that in reference to us doing what’s right?

This is my last post about white people, this is not even my lane, but I want to free my people from the shackles of seeing them as God, or an authority…

I had a whole nother blog post scheduled for today, but I pulled this one out of the drafts. I see that 2 white women are being praised in an article called “Cannabis takes the world stage at the Tokyo Olympics”. The article starts off by saying “For the first time in the Olympics 125-year modern history, elite athletes are being open about their use of cannabis products to prepare them for the world’s biggest stage in sports. Leading the charge is Olympic gold medalist and U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team star Megan Rapinoe, who incorporates CBD into her training routine…..”

I am confusion, yes, confusion – wasn’t Miss Sha’Carri Richardson just blasted all over the news for smoking weed and fired from performing at the Olympics? You see, it’s the same thing that’s happened for many years, Black people were locked up and torn from their families for smoking or selling weed, but when white people got a hold of the industry, and called it by another name, they are making billions of dollars, all of it gets you high. My people, my people, when will you get it? Sha’Carri wasn’t wrong, we weren’t wrong, we aren’t wrong, and we won’t ever be wrong, we are just criminalized!!!

There is a complex, as I teach about in my Dear Black People™ series, everything Black people do, starting from Africa, is demonized, criminalized, stolen, remixed, and copyrighted for the benefit of whites, and sold back to us as something else with no credit. The bamboozlement is thinking that we inherently were doing something wrong, and praise the same exact thing when whites do it! Prime example is burning incense and sage, but they burn frankincense in the church, and people burn candles with herbs in it to relax them and the atmosphere. They put lavender oil in a machine to diffuse it and say it’s calming, that’s African. People will criminalize African spirituality but in church say they are casting out demons and speaking in tongues. My people my people, all of these things are a copy and paste of African spirituality. When you eat pizza and burgers with your hands but call an African barbaric for eating fufu, that’s anti-black. When we are told our supreme hair is ghetto for wearing braids, but kim k. and clan are praised for it being high fashion, I don’t need to remind you all of the many ways we are brainwashed to see the white version of everything as right, and the same exact thing as wrong when a Black person does it. Even when it is presented that way, someone will “brilliantly” say, “well, it’s different when white people do it”.

So back to the title of this blog post, whites have done some heinous things in the name of “freedom”, but they put on an army suit and say it’s patriotic. They have fooled us into believing that all these wars and destruction of people livelihoods, children, and infrastructure to settle an argument between white men over property was somehow to protect us. I never believed it, I remember in high school refusing to pledge to the flag for many reasons, but I’m like, “they’re not fighting for me!” A Black person defends their family like anybody else would, they say “you shouldn’t retaliate”, and lock them up, but the troops are just now being pulled out of Afghanistan for 9/11/2001. At one point, marriage between a Black man and Black woman was illegal in America, why? Because when whites would terrorize Black women, the men would fight back, so they made it illegal for black people to marry to avoid being retaliated against. So when I hear people say, “we have to do it like the whites if we want to be successful”, I’m like, do what? rob, steal, kill, and destroy?, then label it as patriotism, globalization, founding fathers, heroes, and a bunch of other nonsense that completely describes the exact opposite of their behavior? That is what they have done for 401 years, make us hate the very thing we do that’s harmless, they go do something completely horrible, and call it superior behavior. I am so sad for Sha’Carri even though I know she’s a soldier, but it’s time we stop defending white behavior. Listen, I haven’t watched the Olympics in a while, but after what happened to Sha’Carri, I said, I have no need to watch, and I feel every Black player should’ve boycotted the competitions from every country. Because as a people we have not freed our minds from being seen as favorable and accepted in white institutions, they will not quit. If it was the Asians or the Jews my gosh, do you know a bill would’ve been signed protecting them, possibly a law even changed to allow them to smoke weed at the Olympics? I don’t know why unity is so hard, but I’ll still fight to get you to see the greater benefit of it.

When I was a teacher, I remember the little white boy literally physically hit a teacher, they said, “he’s having problems at home, he didn’t mean it”, I argued with them because I said, when the Black boy the next day had an outburst, he was expelled. You get the point, I’m giving you examples from as many institutions as possible to say, white people really don’t be right, they be wrong, as heck, but I challenge you to stop looking at them as the example of success. Their example is how to terrorize every living place on this earth to steal what is everybody else’s and call it theirs, and criminalize everybody in the process for having the audacity to do something that they can’t make money off of, and now they want to go to outerspace and terrorize there too. Even we as a people have come to defend white behavior and give all kinds of excuses, because we have taken on anti-Blackness as well. As I stated yesterday, anti blackness is everywhere, and whiteness is not the way, it is not white supremacy as I have been saying, it is white inferiority behavior, and we have to stop pacifying it, protecting it, and giving it names based on some political correctness, no, it’s bottom of the barrel behavior and it must be stopped.

Now I’m tired of talking about these people, y’all finna get on my nerves na!

We have to learn the origins of our practices and get back to that, no more demonizing black culture.

Join me in my DEAR BLACK PEOPLE webinar series because I live to empower black people.

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