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Your Meat isn’t Toxic, Your Words Are…

What blows my mind is how people can sit up and curse people out all day, be vulgar and negative all day, then criticize people for eating meat. Their words are just as toxic as the meat they claim is toxic. I understand that everyone has their food choices, but every mammal in the food chain eats another mammals meat, it’s not the end of the world to be beefing over. It’s just that in America, everything is in the extremes, and there is no balance. Now, I’m no scientist, but, I have eaten meat outside of the united states of america, a few times. I honestly believe, like most things in america, the chemicals being put in our food is just toxic. However, the words that come out of our mouths, the energy we put out there, other things we consume are just as toxic, so we have to find balance rather than judge those who eat meat from time to time.

I remember my little brother went to live in Nigeria from the age of 2-5. They said in Nigeria he ate chicken all the time, but when he got back here, he did not want to eat chicken at all, he refused it. That let me know that something here is drastically different. From the eyes of a child it made sense. But even me, as a child I would cry coming back to America, I would visit Nigeria and never want to leave, I was born in america. So again from the eyes of a child, what is it about america, and everything that comes with America that is so toxic? People in America feed off negativity and not kindness, the food causes all kind of sickness, racism is built into and implemented in everything from the food to the institutions, so it’s more than just 1 thing.

I think we need to get to the root of issues, I stopped listening to all this advice about what to put in my body because the media likes to spread misinformation to cause confusion. That leads to dependency on doctors and their faulty science, every 5 years there’s a new report of something that was so sure to work just 5 years ago, now causes cancer, and one should call 1-800-save-me to get a lawyer if they’ve ever taken this medication. I started listening to my own body. I got rid of a medical issue on my own by listening to my body and researching and changing my eating habits. That same regimen may not have worked for someone else. Sugar is the thing I have to avoid at all costs, if I do eat anything with added sugar every once in a while, it has to be once in every 3 months. I make my own desserts at home and add raw honey or raw maple or agave. That’s me. Someone else I know may eat sugar and not be impacted the same way, maybe they have a higher metabolism. I eat fish most of the time but every once in a while I’ll eat beef or chicken and be fine, and where I buy it from matters, I don’t do big chain grocery store meat. At the same time I believe in balance so I won’t refuse a good night out, I have a theory that my food digests better when in company with friends or entertainment but that’s me. At the same time there’s certain things I don’t watch or listen to, and I put a lot of positivity in the world, ask anybody. My commentary on white people is in relation to decolonizing our minds of treating them as gods, and freeing ourselves from their terror. So understand all is in context. We have to find balances in life and meat is not a reason to be having beef with people, no pun intended. I can’t believe I’m seeing arguments over who eats meat and if that makes them woke or not. Please, for the sake of saking, treat people right. Can we live in a world where we can respect even the people we hate? If someone treats me wrong I’ll act accordingly, but dear Black people, let’s not fall out over overcooked beef… did you catch that?

I just believe that if people are going to be preaching about what’s toxic and what’s not, be sure to be mindful of everything that you’re putting out there and in your body, including your words and energy. Remember, our ancestors, well at least mine in Virginia lived until well over 100 eating the same meat and things that people say are detrimental today. They smoked cigarettes and did all kinds of things and lived long lives. Why? I believe it’s because everything was much purer, and they had each other, not that they were void of issues, but you get it. These days we live alone, consume more toxicity, release more toxicity in our music, media, etc., so it’s all playing a major role in the quality of our lives. it’s not the meat sis, it’s you…

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