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Like Who You Like, Fame is Not Your God.

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I feel like people wait for other people to like a person of talent before they decide to like them. What do the kids call it these days? Clout chasing. If you like someone’s talent and you are genuinely interested in it, why do you need someone else to like them before you show your support? What will actually happen to you that will be so detrimental to you for showing support? Just like who you like without worrying about if they’re popular or not, you know in many entertainment sectors the popularity is controlled by mainly white people who only favor talent that is wrapped in certain characteristics.

Even though everyone is not in an industry for their talents, many people still have an industry mindset, aka white male gaze as I talk about in my Decolonize Your Mind class. People see things through eyes that are manipulated by false characteristics of “success”. You know how it goes, the lighter someone is, their features, their body, their behaviors, all play into popularity in entertainment. Also, people cannot just enjoy something without forcing it to be mainstream, example, I rap from time to time, people are always telling me what I need to do to make it big, and I keep telling people, I don’t want to make it big in an industry. Everyone doesn’t have the same values or want the same results. I’m perfectly fine, performing and interacting with real people, and sharing my talents that way. I am decolonized, I don’t desire fame in certain settings; and if I like someone’s talent, I like them, I don’t wait for them to be mainstream.

I had a coworker years ago who had an album on SoundCloud, I listened to it like everyday. His songs were amazing, and I’m sure not many people knew him, I didn’t care, I heard it, I liked it, I listened, it’s simple. People are really engaged in weirdo behavior. Why can’t you just enjoy what you like? My people my people, join my class and get decolonized, you’ll be alright.


6 thoughts on “Like Who You Like, Fame is Not Your God.

  1. Family!!!!!! I’m telling you, I was literally going to write something along these lines, this is crazy! I’m still going to do so, but damn this is wild you did it lol. The energy is strong in the universe.

    1. Ayyy right on brother, can’t wait to read! That happens a lot, the universe be tryna get a message out through multiple people 😄

      1. Word up, I’m literally cheesing ear to ear right now like “how in the world did she get to it, before I did?” Lol

      2. Ayyy they are scheduled! I got like 70 in the drafts it’s about to be lit. I keep adding everyday

  2. I gotta get like you!

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