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Brand New DiasporAfri Updates!!!

Hello All!

DiasporAfri, LLC has a lot going on. I love learning and applying what I’ve learned to reflect that in the customer experience. The main components of DiasporAfri, LLC are, Melanated Gem™ handmade accessories, Dear Black People now 4 part webinar series to include Decolonize Your Mind™, and Blogging! I also have 2 books for the avid readers, and I am working on an app that is taking time, but I guarantee it will be worth it. The way I can support all these visions is by using the work of my hands, Melanated Gem™, and teaching the Dear Black People™ classes that mean so much because I can talk to my audience in a way that is more meaningful than typing online. I have enough of something for everybody! You all know I do music, but that is for entertainment and inspiration, I will be doing open mics all summer and sharing with you all on Twitter.

Did I tell you all that my designs are now copyrighted with the U.S Copyright Office? I created my own headband, y’all, that means something! The content for the Dear Black People™ series is copyrighted as well, it is a reflection of what is written in my book.

I will be giving you all great blogging content, I have at least 30 blog posts in the drafts, at least, there’s way more. These will include the tweets that you all loved so much, I will be transforming them into blog posts to give more context. Therefore, I will be tweeting much less, and blogging more. I like context, and although 140 characters is great, you all deserve liberating content, and I have it. Follow me on either twitter, personal or business.

I also have an exciting new podcast coming along, but it won’t just be me! Stay tuned for this surprise!

Also, check out the new return and shipping policies, located at the bottom of the page. I have a business number as well that you can call for business and product inquiries only. If you would like to collaborate, find out more, ask about details of a product, please call the number that is reflected on the bottom of the website! (I would add it here, I am just making you all do a little work – teehee). Please, supporters, if you have meaningful feedback on how the customer experience could be improved, let me know! I emphasize supporters, the ones who support DiasporAfri, LLC in any way, you all are the ones that benefit from all I do!

Anything else? Oh yea, remember to stay steadfast, do it the Black way, and never apologize for showing up great in the world, toodles!

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  1. I received my Melanated Gem bundle and Headband. Awesome work! Quality is great and I received it within a week!! Beautiful colors and sizes are accurate.

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