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Get Ready For July Decolonize Your Mind Classes!

Hello my Melanated Gems! I have so much in store for you for the upcoming Decolonize Your Mind™ Classes. I am revamping the classes for a better experience the next time around, starting July 5th and recurring through the month of July on July 6th, 12th, 19th, and 26th. The rest of the courses throughout the series will be offered on July 13th, 20th, and 27th. The series will now consist of 4 classes instead of 8, I have revamped a lot of the information to cover them in 4 courses. I have learned what is most important to my audience, and catered the information to address those issues head on, you all will not want to miss this experience. The links to register for the remainder of the classes will be available on June 30th, so be on the lookout! In the meantime, thank you all for being so supportive of the Melanated Gem™ Jewelry series, you all seem to really love the RBG Freedom items. I now have 4, 5 star items out of 10 items, and a 4.5 star course based on reviews from those who have attended the class. I created these items to also help build my business and offer classes to those in the Global Black Diaspora who are most vulnerable and need access to information that will help them become free and be empowered. I make everything with you all in mind, the energy invoked into each item is to exude freedom, love of self and love of others in the Global Black Diaspora, it’s time to unite!!!

Shop Melanated Gem™ and register for Decolonize Your Mind™ by clicking one of these links, thank you all again!

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